How to Use is a great way to send letters to missionaries in the MTC or in the mission field. There is a slight cost for sending letters to some of the missions, but the service is FREE for the Chile, Rancagua mission. All you do is enter the missionary name and mission name, type a message, and send it off. The letter will be printed and delivered to the missionary within a week. So what are you waiting for? Visit and send a brief message to Hermana Berbert right now.

The following pictures provide additional information about writing letters using

Screen 1

Screen 1


Screen 2

Advantages of using

  • DearElder letters are free, both in the MTC and in the Chile Concepción mission. No worrying about envelopes, paper, or stamps.
  • DearElder letters are delivered daily in the MTC, Monday through Friday, rather than queuing up for weekly deliveries. Letters sent before noon are delivered to the missionaries that same evening.
  • DearElder letters are extremely reliable, which is especially important outside of the U.S.
  • DearElder letters are quick and easy. provides the option to create an account, which is handy if you are going to be writing a lot of missionary letters. If you create an account then you will be able to view previous letters that you have sent, and your return address information will be filled out automatically every time you send a new letter.

According to, here are some of the benefits of having an account:
1. You can check the status of your letters.
2. You can deposit money in your account and write missionaries in all missions.
3. You can read, print, and delete letters after you have submitted them.
4. You can save your missionary’s address information.
5. You can write multiple missionaries at once.

If you prefer to send a hand-written letter or if you want to include photos then you will need to use a different delivery service for your correspondence (the U.S. Postal Service is recommended for this).


5 thoughts on “How to Use

    • Currently the site appears to have forgotten to list the Mexico MTC in the drop-down list on its main page (the “Home” tab). However, if you select the tab titled “Write a Letter” then you can select “Mexico MTC” on that page and it should work for you.

      • Here is an “official” explanation from a customer support representative at after emailing them about this issue:

        The “home” drop down box does not include any foreign MTCs because when you select a mission from that drop down box, you have the option to either write a letter or send a care package, but we do not send care packages to foreign MTCs.
        This is why those specific MTCs are only listed under the “write a letter” tab.

  1. I have written a letter to my daughter in Spokane Washington mission. But when I click on ‘send letter’ nothing happens! The letter is 3 pages long, but even when I only try and send the 1st page it still does nothing but just sits there. Why is this? You don’t say anything about a word or length limit, so what’s the scoop? Please reply quickly! I have money in my account and so that can’t be the reason!

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