Arizona, Week 20 – Final week in the mission, last full day before I go home…

(Mesa area with Sister Shannon Homer)

It’s my last day!!!!! I’m getting dropped off at the mission home at 4:30pm today and the President and his wife have a special dinner and testimony meeting planned. Tomorrow we wake up early for some breakfast and I’m on the plane back home! Wow. I can’t believe it. I’m so excited to see my family and loved ones again. It’s been so long and I love and miss them all so much!

It was a beautiful last week and we worked HARD! We are cleaning up the ward list and went by every single name on there. The ward clerk gave us his password so we have been logging in and fixing a bunch of wrong information and changed addresses and phone numbers. I just know this will make a big difference because it would be impossible for future missionaries to take care of these people if they can’t find them!

Also, Lourdez was baptized on Saturday (my little sister Emily’s BIRTHDAY) and it was beautiful! She had some really tough stuff going on this week, but she knew it was the devil attacking her and did not let it stop her from making the right decision. Thank you for all your prayers on her behalf! She received the Holy Ghost on Sunday and is doing great.

The ward planned a surprise farewell party for me yesterday. It was so sweet of them. One of the members hosted it in his trailer and so he told me his sister was coming and he wanted us to teach her while she was there! Then we showed up and it was the whole ward and the elders and even the zone leaders came! What?! They made carne asada and a bunch of food. It was really nice to see them all one last time cause I was tempted to spend the day just saying good-bye to everyone, but I really felt like we needed to work and find someone yesterday.

So after some food and pictures, we headed out to work and I was determined to find this new person, someone who had no idea it was my last day so we could have a powerful first lesson with them. Saturday night we prayed that we could find someone prepared that Hermana Homer and her new companion can teach and then we looked through a bunch of old teaching records and put a bunch of people into our plans that we had never met before. It was kind of hard at first because we weren’t finding anyone plus I was really emotional that it was my last day so I had a little break-down in the car. It was tempting to just stay and cry and talk instead of keep working but we didn’t. I said, “We only have a couple hours left! I can cry later!” So we kept on. And we found 2 families!!!! And they just seem golden! One of them said we could come by later and the daughter is starting her last year of High School and has lots of good Mormon friends who have invited her to mutual and she really enjoyed it. She was really, really nice. Then we found another lady named Silvia who is a single mom with twins and a little girl and tons of extended family that all live in the same house. She was super cool and even told us that she feels like God has been preparing her for something lately and that this is just what she needs. So we had a powerful first lesson and it was a beautiful end to the night. It never ceases to amaze me how God answers the prayers of those who are in His service so quickly and powerfully every time.

So the bags are packed and all is well and I’ll see you all TOMORROW MORNING! I can’t wait! Expect HUGE HUGS!! Love you all,
Hermana Berbert


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