Arizona, Week 18 – The value of a truth, and only one more week to write and receive letters…

(Mesa area with Sister Shannon Homer)

Another great week! We have found a couple of new families lately so that’s been a huge blessing. One is a family of 10! They are amazing.

I’m learning a lot about the value of a truth. One truth can change your whole life because it applies in any situation and can be used over and over again. Like this week I was thinking about “Every action has an equal or opposite reaction.” I think that applies to more than just physical science. It also applies to the Gospel and relationships with other people. It’s kind of the same principle as “What you put in is what you get out” or “there is opposition in all things.” They are all kind of the same truth. Every influence that comes to us in this life we can have either an equal or opposite reaction. For example, if someone gets mad at me, I can react equally and get mad as well, or I can act oppositely and exercise my patience and love. That’s how opposition makes us stronger if we react to it oppositely. There are a ton of applications. This truth applies to filmmaking, the gospel, parenting, everything!

I think we learn the same basic truths all the time in the Gospel, because we have to learn to apply them in different situations. They apply to all situations, but it takes some time and effort to figure out how to use them in different ways. I have really enjoyed thinking about the basic principles of the Gospel like, “The Gospel Blesses Families” and simple statements like that from Preach my Gospel and how those truths apply to all things in life. It’s so cool!

Love you all! Have a great week! Next week P-day is Wednesday instead of Monday cause we are going to the temple Wednesday morning. This week is the last chance you get to write me before I come home!

Hermana Berbert


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