Arizona, Week 17 – Family mission plans and my own personal mission plan…

(Mesa area with Sister Shannon Homer)

Hey everybody! We had a fantastic week and I hope you all did too. We have been focusing on working with the members and helping every family in the ward have a family mission plan. It’s been great. So I decided today I would type up and post my own personal mission plan for the blog. I’m really excited about it! Love you all! Enjoy!

Hermana Berbert

My Personal Mission Plan:

• Try to mention something church-related in every conversation possible. Invite others to learn more when appropriate.
• Present gospel solutions to life problems when people complain or confide in me.
• Instead of answering friend’s questions about the church immediately, make invitations to “come and see” or have a meeting with the missionaries to answer the question.
• Let people know what I believe! Have church-related decorations in my house, car, at work, on my cell phone, jewelry, quotes and pictures on my things wherever I go.
• Never say no when someone asks for my help with something. Find a way to help them!
• Offer to say prayers – to bless food, to help during a hard time, or find something lost. Offer priesthood blessings when someone is sick, going through trials, needs guidance, or they want to bless their home.
• Make homeless bags to keep in the car with food coupons, hygiene items, water, and pamphlets about the church or a Book of Mormon to give out to people on the street.

• Pray for people by name and ask God for opportunities to share the Gospel that day.
• Write down and share something I learned with someone (in a letter/card, text message, on Facebook, or leave an anonymous note for somebody I don’t know).
• Visit one person daily (non-members, members in need, less actives, recent converts, stewardship, my own family members, Skype visit people from the mission, etc.).
• Keep a family area book and keep records of all the people we are working with or could potentially work with in the future – non-members, less actives, recent converts, etc. Update daily the people I visited or shared the gospel with.

• Bring a non-member or less-active to church or a church activity (FHE, dinner with the missionaries, BYU, or the visitor’s center at temple square).
• Do at least an hour of service for someone (invite the missionaries whenever possible).
• Call and ask the missionaries what I can do to help them out that week (go out on visits, give them rides, referrals, take care of converts, etc.).
• Give away a church-related gift with my testimony. Could be a Book of Mormon, other church book, DVD, etc. Especially for holidays, special occasions, and birthdays!
• Do at least an hour of family history work! (:
• Every Sunday review goals for the week and set goals and plans for the upcoming week.

• Study and do practice activities in Preach My Gospel as a family (maybe for FHE).
• 1 ordinance received – a baptism, helping a less active get their next ordinance, or doing the temple work for a deceased ancestor.
• Every Fast Sunday review missionary work for the month and set goals and plans for the upcoming month.

• Regular sleep and exercise
• Regular house cleaning
• Regular review of family rules and responsibilities, safety emergency preparedness, etc.
• Hour of personal study as well as daily family study
• Continue to practice and use Spanish
• Continue to memorize and recite important scriptures or church documents and quotes (during family study, FHE, shower)
• Set goals and plans nightly and write in journal
• Weekly family council/inventory to improve relationships
• Uplifting media with good vibes and good messages


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