Arizona, Week 12 – Scorpions, another apartment, and my final zone conference…

(Mesa area with Sister Shannon Homer)

Hey all! Here are the highlights this week:

We moved again. The first house had WAY too many scorpions. Not to mention that in every conversation we had with the lady who lived there she told us scorpion facts for at least 10 minutes. I know way more about them than I want to now. Poor Sister Homer was scared to death everyday. Then one day we were in bed and talking and I saw one crawl up on her covers. I said, “Get out of your bed.” She just kind of looked at me confused so I said it again, “I’m serious. Get out of your bed!” Then I told her to leave the room and I killed the scorpion. She was pretty much in tears and we almost slept in the car that night because she didn’t want to get back into her bed. We ended up just shaking out the sheets and spraying bug poison all around our beds like crazy. But I was so proud of her. She overcame her fear in that week! On the very last day as we were literally rolling the suitcases to the car, a scorpion crawled in front of her and she just whipped off her shoe and smacked it to death. Then she screamed because she was so excited she killed one. We even taped some in our journals to remember the adventures. haha. But our new place is amazing. We live on a lake! There is a dock outside and it’s so pretty!!! And the lady who lives here is adorable. She LOVES having us with her and is like our little adopted grandma.

Faith to walk on water?

Faith to walk on water?

New address:
1001 S Lagoon Dr
Gilbert, AZ 85233-7970
United States

Check out the dinner they caught for us!

Check out the dinner they caught for us!

That was a really long highlight. I probably won’t have time for many more. So a weird thing happened this last week. We had zone conference and we went and learned and it was really cool. I kept thinking how the previous zone conference was actually my first day in this mission. Isn’t that crazy? So much has happened since then that it seems like it was forever ago. Time is flying so fast. It was cool to see how much has changed since the last one. Then they started announcing some events that are coming up and I was writing down all the info because a member of the Seventy is coming to do training. Then he told us the date and I realized I wouldn’t even be here anymore. That was a weird thought. Then President Toone asked all of us to stand if we were going home the next transfer. I stood up along with a couple others. He said, “This is your last zone conference. Will you share your testimonies with us before you go? Ladies first.” And I was the only sister standing, so I was very suddenly on the spot. In that moment the realization that my mission is coming to an end hit me for the very first time. I mean, I’ve known that time is running out, but I don’t think about it much and it never felt real to me. I’m dead serious. I hardly even think about it and when people mention it, I just always think, “But I still have a long time left. There is still so much I can do.” So anyway, I shared my testimony and it was super simple. Unlike a lot of the missionaries I hadn’t thought at all about what I would say or how I have changed, etc. So I just shared why I love being a missionary and that I’m never going to stop being a missionary and that what missionary work really just boils down to is loving people. I felt kind of strange that whole day, but then I got over it and forgot it again. haha

Out of time. Quickest spiritual thought ever:
Challenge + Faith = Miracle
Infinity (Christ) + x (us, wherever we’re at) = Infinity (our potential)

Love you all!
Hermana Berbert


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