Arizona, Week 11 – Zone training, Facebook teaching, baking cookies in the car, drinking tea, and more…

(Mesa area with Sister Shannon Homer)

So much has happened this week!

On Tuesday Hermana Homer and I did our first zone training together with the Elders. It was awesome. We used tons of visual aids and videos and role-plays, etc. So it was really fun and we got this zone pumped for the new focus. The focus is on family mission plans. Or getting each family in our wards to make their own missionary plan of action on how they are going to share the Gospel. President Toone developed a genius mission-wide way of doing it. And I’m excited to see everyone really start feeling how amazing it is to share the Gospel with their families. I learned a ton too and got a lot of good ideas. I also started my own personal mission plan for how I’ll keep doing missionary work when I get home. One of the sisters came up to us at the end and was crying. She said that this was the answer to her prayers she had been looking for. We are all so excited to get the members more involved. I already know this is so inspired.

Facebook teaching has been taking off lately! We are Skype teaching people all over the place! It’s the coolest thing. We are teaching one of Sister Homer’s friend’s back home named Haylee and she is sooooooo getting baptized soon. She is amazing. She went to church this Sunday and has been reading the Book of Mormon and progressing super well. And it’s amazing to see how the Spirit can still be so strong over such a distance. We did a member presentation with her yesterday and Hermana Homer’s family Skyped in too and got to help us teach her. Talk about cool things with technology! We were teaching someone in South Dakota, while being in Arizona, with a member present from Idaho! That was pretty crazy.

It’s been super HOT lately. Our car said it was 127 degrees at 5:30 at night the other day. We are definitely in the 3 digits all the time. We are having fun with it though. We baked cookies in our car! Just left some cookies dough out during dinner and they were ready when we got out! But I’m learning to be careful too. The other day I left my lotion in the car and went to put it on and it totally scorched my skin. Ouch!

I accidentally drank tea! I totally didn’t expect it because active members gave it to us and I thought it was probably just some Mexican drink I had never seen before. I took one drink and then asked her what kind of juice it was and she said, “Tea.” Awkward missionary moments.

So we also moved to a new house! We live with a member now. It’s the first time I’ve done this before. She is a cute little grandma. We just live in the basement, so it’s kind of back to camping style living again. I mean it’s nice, but we don’t have our own kitchen or washing machine or anything, so we eat off paper plates and stuff. We have a little bit of room for our food in the fridge, but mostly it is stocked full of PEANUT BUTTER! One of the sisters added it up and she has 96 lbs. of peanut butter in her basement. I have never seen so much! She also has a kitty, so we basically have a pet. It’s kind of fun except when I start getting allergies from touching her too much. Also there is a gnome by the front door that talks every time we pass it. It always scares me and I don’t know why she bought it cause it just whines and complains all the time. I’m really tempted to kick that thing sometimes. Also, in every conversation we have with the member, she warns us to watch out for scorpions. Apparently there was a giant scorpion experiment they were doing nearby here once and after they finished they just let all of them go and they got into everyone’s homes. She warned us to check our shoes, food, pillows and beds everyday and watch out because sometimes they can fall from the ceilings or be between the couch pillows. I haven’t seen any yet, but Hermana Homer is so scared. Our new place is actually pretty nice though.

Here’s my new address:
1967 E Calle Monte Vista
Tempe, AZ 85284-8005
United States

Anyway, we are working hard and doing well! We put 4 investigators on date this week for June! Diego, Angelina, Ariana, and Ashley. We are teaching some of the coolest people. We are trying to put Salome on date. Please keep her in your prayers! She is so ready, just needs to make the decision. She has been investigating for 25 years! So we feel like she will either accept this week or never! She might get baptized this weekend if we can work it out! I love you all and I love this work!!!!

Hermana Berbert


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