Arizona, Week 10 – Spiritual truths, Mesa Visitor’s Center, and coming unto Christ…

(Mesa area with Sister Shannon Homer)

This week has been really good. At least I am learning mind-blowing spiritual truths that will change me and already are changing me for the rest of my life. We have had to drop quite a few investigators lately, which is always hard. But it needs to happen and a lot of times it is that way when a new companion comes in. The kind of people that Hermana Haar and I needed to teach are different than the ones Hermana Homer and I need to teach. But of course, when we have the faith to drop people, God puts more in our path and we have found some cool new people that will hopefully be getting baptized really soon. We found another family of all girls. A mom and her two daughters. Also we are teaching a kid named Diego who is really shy but really smart. He’s only 13 but understands the Restoration better than most adults the first time they hear it.

We got to go to the Mesa Visitor’s Center with the people mentioned above this week and a few members. It was so amazing. They have this Eternal Families exhibit and as we went through, Hermana Homer and I were just overwhelmed by the Spirit and it was a good thing it was dark so they couldn’t see how much we cried! Especially considering what’s going on with her mom right now, it was just what we needed. So beautiful. That was a moment I will always treasure. Thank you so much for all your prayers on her behalf.

I love you all and thanks for reading. I have so much I wish I could explain that I am learning, but as I try to simplify it to be able to explain it in a blog post, it all just boils down to Christ. He is the truth. The source of all truth. It makes sense that it always connects back to Him. I love Him so much and my Heavenly Father too. I know this Gospel is true and that it is the only true happiness there is. I invite you all to come to Him, to study the truths He taught us. Many of the simplest ones are the most life-changing as we come to ponder them and understand them better. Love you!

Hermana Berbert


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