Arizona, Week 9 – Baptisms, sisters, and a special request for your prayers for Sister Homer’s mother…

(Mesa area with Sister Shannon Homer)

I’m out of time! Happens every week now. But I’m so happy. The Flores family sisters got baptized this week and it was beautiful. Tons of people came to support them and I just love them so much. We also sang “As Sisters in Zion” together and it was really cute cause we’re all girls and they really do feel like my sisters. Speaking of sisters, Hermana Homer and I already feel like sisters. We have the most special bond. We love each other so much and I know we will be friends forever and ever and ever. This is going to be the best transfer ever. We are so happy and the Spirit is so strong.

Hermana Homer and Hermana Berbert with the wonderful Flores family daughters

Hermana Homer and Hermana Berbert with the wonderful Flores family daughters

With that said, there was also something really tough that happened this week during just our first week together. And I share this with the utmost reverence and I hope I can do it effectively in a public blog post. My purpose in sharing what happened this week, although it is really personal, is to ask for your prayers on behalf of my companion. President Toone brought us to his home this week and told Hermana Homer that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. How much time she has left is unknown. There are special arrangements so Hermana Homer can speak to her family whenever she needs to during this hard time, but she has decided full-heartedly to stay out on the mission even though there is a possibility that her Mom could die. What a wonderful missionary and example she is to me. Please keep her mother in your prayers and we in the Tempe, Arizona mission will also all unite in prayer for Hermana Homer and her entire family.

Welcome missionaries!

Welcome missionaries!

I love you all. By the way, the Work of Salvation Broadcast Anniversary is coming up. We are watching it today and I invite you to all watch it again too. It’s so amazing! [Available at]

Hermana Berbert

Beautiful sisters!

Beautiful sisters!


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