Arizona, Week 8 – Transfers, the excitement of missionary work, and upcoming baptisms…

(Mesa area with Sister Tatiana Haar)

I really feel like words aren’t sufficient to explain all the miracles in my life right now. I say the same thing every week. This whole transfer has been AMAZING. I can’t believe it’s already over. I only have two left…. )= So Hermana Haar is leaving and I’m staying here in Mesa. I’m happy I’m staying because we have a huge group of people progressing and I love them all so much. Plus this ward is unbelievable. This zone is awesome, it’s the biggest zone in the whole mission. I love working with all the sisters and seeing all their areas and learning from them.

On Wednesday I’ll get my new companion so I’ll let you know about her next week. Missionary work is as exciting as it’s ever been. God is pouring out the blessings. We have found so many prepared people. There were 11 investigators at church yesterday, not to mention a bunch of less active families that are coming back. And lots of baptisms coming up! I feel like there are so many people to take care of that I’m always afraid I’ll forget someone! I made the goal to take a bunch of pictures of them all this week and put them on my wall so I can always think about them and not forget anybody.

The Flores family is getting baptized this weekend! The three cute sisters and their brother (recent convert) will perform the baptism! So excited! Then Carlos is hopefully next weekend so keep him in your prayers! Isidro came to church finally! It was a miracle! We had one car to take him, a truck to take his electric scooter thing, and we came in our car to help him feel comfortable. So there was this mini parade of all the people helping him get to church. His wife said she wants to come too next week. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Hermana Berbert


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