Arizona, Week 6 – La Gran Cosecha Espiritual!

(Mesa area with Sister Tatiana Haar)

Oh man, I ran out of time again. All I really wanted to tell you about this week was the “Gran Cosecha Espiritual” (“the Great Spiritual Harvest”). Thank you so much for your prayers. It was sooooooooooo cool. Probably the coolest thing I’ve done my whole mission. There were miracles DAILY. I don’t have time to write them all. But we had a whole mix of people come. There were faithful members of ALL ages – grandparents and little kids. There were tons of less active members and 2 families that are definitely coming back to the church thanks to this activity. We got new investigators from the members who brought friends and they had really spiritual experiences. Our investigators that are on schedule to get baptized this month came every night and everyone in the ward became really good friends. The coolest was on Saturday night, the very last activity. We taught lesson 5 of Preach my Gospel and focused on missionary work. So everyone got into “companionships” and practiced sharing the Gospel. It was one of the coolest moments of my life. As I walked around the chapel and it was just full of people sharing their experiences and inviting their friends to learn more. The Spirit was so strong. I have never seen so many members excited about missionary work at the same time before. It was so beautiful. It was fun to teach together with the elders and afterwards Elder S said that this was the most spiritual experience he had ever had on the mission. My companion told everyone how much her faith grew cause she didn’t even know if this idea was gonna work at first. A member of the stake presidency came and was so impressed. He asked us if we had ever done this in other wards before. We told him we hadn’t and he wants us to talk to the stake president to see if they can start doing it in all the wards in the area. Then on Sunday, everyone was getting up and sharing their testimonies about how much they felt the Spirit this week and how much their testimonies are growing. It was just so amazing. 

So even though it was kind of a stressful week and we were VERY BUSY preparing everything every day, this activity was inspired and I think it fulfilled it’s purpose. I honestly never had so much fun teaching like I did during these humongous group lessons this last week. I love it! Missionary work is fun and it’s not hard like people think! It’s as easy as being active in the church and inviting others to JOIN US in all the activities, service, family home evenings, and cool things we do all the time.

Love you all! Have a nice Mother’s Day. I’m gonna talk to my family! Woo hoo!!!! 

Hermana Berbert 


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