Arizona, Week 5 – Hastening the work, being member missionaries, and having a prayer in your heart…

(Mesa area with Sister Tatiana Haar)

First of all, thank you for reading my blog post today. I know you have lots to do and it’s hard to remember someone who’s far away. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have every week to share with my beloved friends and family a little bit of what I’m experiencing as a servant of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I can’t express even a particle of what I feel. I wish I could bring you all here and show you first-hand the miracles that happen daily. I wish you could meet the members of the Mesa Liahona 5th Spanish ward. As an artist, I have an innate desire to capture and share beautiful things that cross my path. Every day, I wish I had a camera documenting these moments. Every night I long for more time to narrate all the details in my journal. It’s so hard to see all these blessings come and go so fast without being able to capture and hold on to them. I know they’ll soon slip from my mind and be lost, but I wish they wouldn’t. Already a lot of my mission in Chile feels like a far away dream. I wonder, if we have so much unused space in our brains, why can’t the details of our lives be stored there? Why do they escape us?

Anyway, some of the overwhelming feelings I’ve had are that the work is really being hastened here and in the entire world. The second coming of the Savior is near, “even at the doors.” The urgency and excitement of this time in history just fills every part of me. Through technology and modern miracles, the Gospel has entered in every continent and is sounding in every ear. As was said in conference, we must not sleep through the Restoration! We must not merely be onlookers, but participants! We prepared eternities to be born in this day and age and be partakers of the great preparations going forth for the second coming of our Savior. What are you doing to help prepare the way? When was the last time you helped God in the saving of a soul?

I can feel that the heavens are literally descending and angels are on our right and left assisting us in this great work. Even though I’ll have to take this name tag off in a few months, I cannot remove the one that’s inscribed in my heart. I refuse to go back and be “just an ordinary member of the church.” I will not settle for only doing what is specifically asked of me. Here are some my goals: I will constantly seek out ways to serve God more. He will always be my number one priority. I will wear out my life in His service. I will be there for whatever He needs. I will eliminate all the unnecessary distractions that life presents and focus on my purpose, which is helping the God of the Universe fulfill His purpose. Nothing will occupy more of my time than that of fulfilling my number one priority.

The members here amaze and inspire me. They are dedicated to working shoulder to shoulder with us in this work. In their free time they go out with us and on their own they visit other members and investigators. The MEMBERS ALONE brought 8 investigators to church this week. I’m sure they will all end up getting baptized. And really, all this is happening thanks to the efforts of just a few really committed member families. I feel like one really dedicated family is worth more than a ward full of mediocre families in this work. 

I pray that we may lift up our eyes and see the potential our family has to make a difference in the ward and in the world. No invitation is in vain, and no effort is wasted or goes unseen by our loving Heavenly Father. He LOVES all His children, but He can’t TRUST all of them. We’re not always there when He needs us and we don’t always listen when He calls. We procrastinate promptings until He just finds someone else to get the job done for Him – someone paying more attention, more quick to respond, and therefore more deserving of the blessings in store for those who serve Him. I hope that whenever God needs a hand, I can be one of the first He finds ready and waiting to respond. Sometimes if Satan can’t make us sin, he just makes us busy. I don’t want to be so busy doing good things that I don’t have time for the most important things. Always serving God doesn’t mean always having our schedule full. It means constantly seeking to know God’s will for us and then following it without delay. A lot of it just has to do with where your heart is and what you’re thinking about throughout the day. If you always have a prayer in your heart, it will change your life. 

Thanks for everything. I love you all. Keep praying for our spiritual harvest this week!! Please! “La Gran Cosecha Espiritual!”

Hermana Berbert


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