Arizona, Week 3 – New companion, new area, and out of time…

(Mesa area with Sister Tatiana Haar)

I’m out of time again!!! This is so hard! haha. I want to read all your lovely emails! This week was as beautiful as can be. I am now working in Mesa with Hermana Haar, from Texas. We also have a third companion for just a couple days who served in Ecuador and went home for health reasons and now she got reassigned here. Her companion is pretty sick so she’ll be with us for a few days. Also, Hermana Haar started her mission in Phoenix, Arizona, and got moved to this mission. So together, the three of us have the experience of 6 different missions in one single companionship. Isn’t that cool?

This area is really cool. We are whitewashing. It’s a lot easier with smartphones that you can just enter an address in and the GPS tells you where to go. haha. I’m getting used to all the technology and it’s really exciting. The ward here is sooooooooooo awesome! Our mission leader is the best and the members are really willing to help us! It was amazing. There are people from all different Spanish countries and two families from Chile. It’s exciting and I know we are gonna have tons of success here and see lots of miracles.

I wish I had time to tell you all the cool things I learned this week and how beautiful the Easter pageant was in Mesa in front of the temple. We got to help host at the Spanish session. It was way cool. Check out John 15 if you get the chance, that was one of the coolest chapters I studied this week. Love you all!

Hermana Berbert


2 thoughts on “Arizona, Week 3 – New companion, new area, and out of time…

  1. Love your blog! my daughter just left and I want to set up something like this for her. Whoever is admin please email me some insight!

    • In the case of this blog my missionary daughter set up everything in advance, shared her password with me, and showed me how to add new posts.

      In looking at various missionary blogs it seems like most missionaries are using one of the following sites: (Google’s blogger site, requires a free Google account) (requires a free WordPress account) (requires a free missionsite account)

      If you are looking for the simplest, easiest-to-use site then you might want to try the page. It’s not as customizable and powerful as the others, but it is probably easiest to get started there.

      I hope this helps.

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