Arizona, Week 2 – General Conference, transfers, and blessings of the Gospel…

(Phoenix area with Sister Miranda Taylor)

Hey Everybody!

Wasn’t conference beautiful?? I absolutely loved it. Conference is like Christmas on the mission. It’s only been a week-and-a-half but I absolutely love Phoenix and my companion, Sister Taylor! We have already seen a bunch of miracles and found some of the coolest people ever. We already have one couple that has a date to get married and at least 2 who are going to get baptized this month! It’s been an amazing week and a half. The sad news is that it’s now transfer time here and they are separating us and I have to leave this area. In the Tempe mission, they don’t tell you ahead of time where you are going or who your next companion will be, they just tell you that you are leaving and then everyone goes to a big transfer meeting with their suitcases and they tell you there what will happen next. President Toone called us last night and asked if I would accept the calling to be a sister training leader here. Yay! I’m gonna be a training leader again! I’m so excited, absolutely love that calling. So all I know is I’m going somewhere new and I’ll let you all know how it is next week.

Hermana Berbert with President and Sister Toone. In case you are wondering, he says that he is only 5 feet, 24 inches tall.

Hermana Berbert with President and Sister Toone. In case you are wondering, he says that he is only 5 feet, 24 inches tall.

So I just want to tell you all about a way-cool guy we found this week. I was reading in Preach my Gospel in the first chapter and it talks about how we are surrounded by people and tons of them need the Gospel to help them feel secure in a world of changing values; they are worried about their families, or they need to feel relief from the guilt that our past mistakes cause, but they don’t know that the Gospel is what can fulfill all those needs. I wondered if people really all feel those things. Reflecting on my own life, I have felt every single one and I know that the Gospel is really what helped me in every situation too. So that day we prayed that God would put someone in our path who had those needs so we could show them how the Gospel can help.

Hermana Taylor

Hermana Taylor

Fast forward a bit. It’s after dinner and we are at the chapel getting ready to bike again. My stomach is killing me because I’m still not used to eating anything in the night time, much less buckets of Mexican food. They always pile our plates up and then make us eat seconds! There were only 30 minutes left until we had correlation meeting back in the chapel. We wondered out loud if it was worth it to try to teach one more lesson or just hang out until correlation started and let my stomach rest a bit. But… we decided to try a couple of people that lived nearby anyway. We went and knocked their doors but nobody was there. Just as we were heading back, we passed a guy with his little son. We didn’t contact him because he was already talking with someone on the phone. But just as we passed him he calls out, “Señoritas!”  and waves at us to come. I screeched to a halt and turned around to talk to him. Sister Taylor didn’t even notice and kept biking so I had to go chase her down and then we came back to see what he wanted. He asks us, “You guys are Mormons right?” We told him we were. Then he starts to explain that he never really worried about worshipping God before but lately tons of bad stuff has been happening to him and he keeps remembering when he talked to missionaries one time while he still lived in Mexico. So we set up an appointment to talk more with him and went on our way.

Hermana Berbert in sunny Arizona

Hermana Berbert in sunny Arizona

He is so prepared and totally told us that he had all of those needs we had prayed for. He came to conference and is going to get baptized. So cool! Anyway, I’m out of time again. Tons of miracles and more to come all the time. Love you all. I’m almost going to be caught up on my emails. I think next week I’ll be back to normal so keep ‘em coming (= LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

Hermana Berbert


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