Arizona, Week 1 – Culture shock, high-tech tools, and a huge Spanish ward…

(Phoenix area with Sister Miranda Taylor)

Nothing really new this week….. just another crazy week in the mission. Haha, ok, that was a lie. EVERYTHING is different. So on the plane ride I was trying to get used to English again and that was hard enough. Then we got to the airport and the bathrooms freaked me out — they have automatic toilets, faucets, and hand dryers, and you don’t have to buy toilet paper like in Chile. Just as I was getting over the bathrooms, the President and his wife picked us up and brought us to the mission home. They were telling us all about the new mission and how it’s one of the highest-tech missions in the world. Like leaders in Salt Lake just ask us to try out everything new in this mission. We have cars, bikes, phones, iPads, Facebook, and a GPS tracker that monitors our driving and where we are at all times. We even do P90X for exercise in the mornings! Wow. In Chile the most high-tech thing I was lucky to have was a washing machine. And even then we had to hang up our clothes outside to dry them.

So it’s been really overwhelming and exciting. I’m being trained on everything. I didn’t even feel like a missionary at first. The president’s wife took us to Panda Express on our first night here and I almost cried. It was so weird and they were playing a bunch of music I like. I thought I was dreaming. I took the nicest hot shower of my life that night and everything was so clean and I couldn’t even believe it. It was so weird not to sleep in my sleeping bag. I’ve been kind of jet-lagged this week too. When we plan at night it’s like 3 in the morning in Chile and it kills me. Then I wake up super early and just lay in bed because I can’t sleep.

Anyway, that’s enough about that. I could go on forever talking about how everything is different.  But Arizona is way cool, and Phoenix is awesome. It’s like a desert with palm trees and amazing sunsets. There is a mix of culture like I have never seen, but mostly I feel like I’m in Mexico. Everyone gives us super-yummy Mexican food and the Spanish ward is huge, like way bigger than any ward I had in Chile. My companion, Hermana Taylor, is awesome.

I’m totally out of time to email anyone back and I seriously have like 30 emails that I haven’t even read yet. It might take me a while to get caught up. Love you all!
Hermana Berbert


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