Updating this site for Anna’s new mission assignment…

(From Anna’s dad]: As I am starting to update Hermana Berbert’s blog to reflect her new mission assignment I’m feeling sentimental. Anna loved serving in Chile and the year that she spent there was one of the most positive and life-changing years of her life. Even though Anna is super-excited about serving in Arizona, it makes me a little sad to hide the links and contact information from Chile. I am going to include some of that information in this post as a way of archiving some of that information. I have finished updating all of the links on the home page, and everything is current except for the map on the main banner.

Mission Map   chile-rancagua-mission-map-small3-e1372794025366

Hermana Berbert
Misión Chile Rancagua
Alcalde Eduardo Melero 883
Casilla 2-C, Rancagua
Lib. Gen. B. O´Higgins

Banner - Chile Mission

Weather example (not updated):

Weather - San Vicente example


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