Post by the Parents: Phone calls home…

On Tuesday morning (March 25th) we were surprised to get a phone call from our daughter. She was in the Dallas airport getting ready to catch her flight to Phoenix, and she had permission to call home and let us know that she was safe. We were only able to speak for about 5 minutes, but it was a fun surprise.

Then in the evening we received another phone call from our daughter. Another great surprise! She was at the home of the mission president, President Toone (who some of my friends know because he served in a stake presidency in American Fork, Utah). The president had asked her if she had called home yet, and she said she had only been able to speak with us for a few minutes, so he told her to call home again.

We were able to have a relaxed, unhurried conversation and it was wonderful. Anna’s English is starting to come back, though she still speaks with a Chilean cadence and accent. We spoke with her for about an hour and we loved hearing her tell about her experiences. I’m sure that her next blog entry will include some of the same information that she shared with us on the phone, so I won’t go into any details for now. Suffice it to say that she is excited to serve in her new assignment and she feels that she is where she belongs at this time. She has a strong testimony of our Savior and she will gladly serve Him whenever and wherever and however she can.


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