Chile, Week 50 – Amazing final week in Chile…

(San Fernando District, San Vicente branch, with Sister Nogués)

So I’m short on time again this week. I have a few minutes and then we’ll go to the airport together to travel. Thanks for all the emails — I’ve never felt so famous. (;   Seriously. thanks for all the support and for reading the blog!

This week was amazing. We were able to go to the temple and I haven’t been for a year. It was so so so beautiful and the Spirit so strong. We also had the “Last Supper” and testimony meeting in the mission president’s home. So beautiful. I’m “leaving” at the same time as my companion and Elder Archuleta is in our group too, so that was fun. I’ll send some photos next week because I have very little time today. Also this last Sunday I got to sing again with Elder Barrales. We sang, “Savior, Redeemer” but in Spanish. It was really beautiful because one of the members played the piano part and his sister played the cello.

Also, on our last day in San Vicente, we had a baptism. (=   Barbara has been ready for a while now and it’s been harder to see her since she started working and studying during the week. But she goes to church every week and she’s been keeping the commandments for weeks now. We taught her the last lesson this Saturday and said, “That’s the last missionary lesson and you’ve honestly been ready to get baptized for a while. How would you like to do it tomorrow?” She said, “Yes, let’s do it.” So we called the elders, who did the baptismal interview and organized the fastest baptism ever. It was soooo beautiful and afterwards she gave her testimony and we were ALL crying. Couldn’t have had a better last week in Chile. Today I travel back to the USA. That is so weird. Write you all again next week! LOVE!

Hermana Berbert

P.S. I got an email that the church featured one of my photos of the Salt Lake temple on the Mormon Channel page on Facebook (the same photo I used to help create my blog banner). Cool! Check it out! Click here to see my photo (it was chosen to accompany a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott).


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