Chile, Week 49 – Tuberculosis and leaving Chile….

(San Fernando District, San Vicente branch, with Sister Nogués)

So I honestly don’t even know what to write or where to begin. So much has happened this week. It makes my head swirl just thinking about it. First of all I know it’s dumb, but I’m used to plucking fruits I’ve never seen before and eating them in the street and I’ve found some really yummy ones that way. But this week I ate a weird fruit that might have been poisonous because I spent the entire next day throwing up and we couldn’t leave and work. So that was kind of miserable, but while we were in the house, I read all my journals from the beginning of my mission until now and it was really fun to remember all the adventures and miracles I’ve had. I remember thinking, “What adventure haven’t I had on the mission??

The next day I was feeling better and good thing too because I had divisions in Peumo with another missionary. Randomly in the middle of the division, we get a call from President Warne. What? Hermana Truman passed me the phone and President Warne says that he has some news. They got the results back from my blood tests in Santiago and they came back positive. I don’t really know anything about medicine and I also haven’t spoken in English for a really long time, so I thought,

“Positive… that word means good, right? But then why would President Warne be calling me?” It took me a minute to process. I asked, “Is that good or bad?” His hesitation answered my question. Then he says, “The good news is that we know what you have so now we can treat it. If we treat it now you won’t have any problems as a future mother and wife after the mission.”

So then he proceeds to tell me that I have Tuberculosis (TB), which I don’t know anything about really. But it’s a life-threatening disease and it’s pretty much impossible to get treatment anywhere in South America. So…. I’m going to the United States to finish my mission. That was where I started to cry. Poor Hermana Truman still had no idea what was going on.

It all happened so suddenly and I’m still in shock a little bit. I wasn’t mentally prepared to leave Chile so soon (I’ll get my new mission call this week). I love Chile. A lot. But it’s ok. My heart is really full of gratitude. I’m grateful for the time God has given me here and the people I’ve gotten to know. I’m so grateful for the experiences and everything I’ve learned. I’m grateful that I’m going to be fine health wise and that there are treatments for what I have. I’m grateful that I’ll still be able to finish my mission and keep working! I’m grateful that I’ll learn to teach the Gospel in my own country; I think that will be very useful to be able to keep being a missionary all my life.

All in all, I’m happy. I trust in my Heavenly Father. I love Him. He is the reason I’m here. I am happy to serve Him in whatever way He needs me. If He needs me to teach in another part of the world now, that’s fine with me. What brings me more joy than anything else in the world is doing His will. I love being a missionary and being able to dedicate everything I have to doing His work of salvation. So I’ll let you know where I’m going next week, mission call #3! haha

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!
Hermana Berbert


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