Chile, Week 48 – Talking to strangers, repenting, and doing God’s will

(San Fernando District, San Vicente branch, with Sister Nogués)

This week was awesome. The mission is so great. Let me explain. So I’m always looking for ways to improve as a missionary and a person and when I know what I need to do better, I can do it. For a while I’ve been praying to know how I can be better and keep progressing and I felt like I didn’t get an answer. But I think I was ignoring what I already knew I needed to do better – Street contacting, or stopping people in the street between lessons to share the gospel with them. Preach my Gospel says we should talk to as many people as possible!! There have been moments in my mission when I was super good at that and talked to at least a hundred people in the street weekly. It’s one of the hardest things for me in the mission. It wears me out and it scares me. Even though I now have a year in the mission, I still don’t feel comfortable stopping strangers in the street. I would rather get where I’m going and mentally plan the next lesson we are going to teach. But anyway, I realized that I need to keep doing it. So this week I started talking to EVERYONE again. I literally have to pray all the time that God will give me the courage to do it and it requires a lot of extra effort on my part. I know it probably doesn’t sound very hard, but just try it one day. Try to talk to EVERY STRANGER you see and don’t let anybody pass you on the street. haha Then think about how much we walk every day and how many people we see and you’ll have a bit of an idea.

Anyway, I didn’t want to complain about that because it’s really great and really important because God puts people in our path when we are consistently looking for them. But I was able to change a lot this week. I also made some mistakes with my companion and had to ask her forgiveness and repent. But I’m glad it happened because I learned a lot and I could feel the joy of repenting and changing to be more like Christ. It’s really something so special. The weeks when I change most are when I feel happiest.

I’m so grateful for the gospel and the chance it gives me to learn and change. I’m learning to be fearless and do the will of God and not my own will. And not just with the commandments, but in the details and little unnecessary things too. I feel closer and closer to God every day and I love Him more and more. He really is the most important thing in my whole life. I’m so grateful that he sent his son for all of us. I’m so grateful that the Gospel in restored in the earth and that my parents could teach me it from a young age. It’s the most precious thing they could have given me and the most precious thing I have. I love my Heavenly Father. I love His perfect plan for me. I’m grateful I can make mistakes and change again and be better every day.

Small spiritual thought. When the waves of life are beating us down and down again all the time, we can choose how to react. We can be like a rock in the ocean and just sink further and further down or we can be light hearted like a cork that just keeps popping up again and again every time. (=

Hermana Berbert


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