Brief update on Anna from her parents…

On Sunday we spoke with Anna’s mission president, President Warne, and he provided an excellent detailed explanation of what is happening with Anna and her health concerns. In short, President Warne felt inspired to have some of the sister missionaries take a more accurate blood test to check for TB, whereas they had previously been relying on some less-accurate skin tests. As Anna explained in her letter, her blood test came back positive. This means that even though she does not have active TB, the spores are her in body and they could trigger and become active at a later time in life.

There is excellent treatment available to basically nullify the risk of the TB ever activating, but the treatment is not available in South America. Consequently, Anna will be re-assigned to another mission in the United States where she can get the required medicine and regular check-ups. Typically a 4-month regimen of medicine and blood tests is sufficient, and even though she may have some side effects from the treatment she should still be able to successfully serve her remaining 6 months in her new mission assignment. Your prayers on her behalf would be greatly appreciated.

In the next couple of days Anna should find out where she is being reassigned, and within a few more days she should fly to her new mission. We are excited to find out where she will serve next, and as soon as we find out we will post an update to let you know.


2 thoughts on “Brief update on Anna from her parents…

  1. I’m sorry, Todd—I just read your parental follow-up. I was responding to Anna’s initial post with my previous email. Sounds you’ve got things covered. We’ll put her name on the tabernacle choir prayer roll right next to Emily’s.

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