Chile, Week 43 – Franco’s baptism, lost keys, and spiders and lice…

(San Fernando District, San Vicente branch with Sister Pérez)

Sister Pérez and Sister Berbert

Sister Pérez and Sister Berbert

Hermana Pérez is leaving me!!! She got her visa to Venezuela and she’ll head off next week. I’m not going to know what happens with me until next week, but I’ll most likely be staying here in San Vicente but have a new comp. Franco got baptized this week and the baptismal service was one of the sweetest and most intimate ones I have ever seen. We sang “A Child’s Prayer” in spanish with the Elders, showed a Mormon Message, and Franco bore his testimony afterward. His whole family came and his brother said the closing prayer. It was really sweet and there were some investigators too so that was nice.

Baptism of Franco

Baptism of Franco

As we were walking back from the baptismal service, there were stars out and my heart just felt really full as we headed to the apartment. I felt a mixture of all the emotions a person can have. A lot of times the mission feels that way.

Sister Berbert, Sister Pérez, and some Chilean friends

Sister Berbert, Sister Pérez, and some Chilean friends

When we got to the apartment, we couldn’t find the keys! We had to jump the fence from the neighbors yard and climb in through the window. Lots of adventures. Speaking of adventures, another adventure of summertime in Chile are the bugs! Since nobody has air-conditioning here, they all just leave their windows open and the houses are all full of flies. We also had a bunch of spiders in our bathroom. I killed 10 in one day and the next day we killed 16! In the nighttime the mosquitos bite us and we wake up itchy. I was so used to being itchy that I didn’t even realize that my head had been particularly itchy the last few days. Until I scratched my head and felt a bug in my hair. Lice. The biggest lice I’ve ever seen. I have never had lice before in my life so I didn’t even know what to do. But don’t worry, it’ll all be under control soon enough. haha

Switching back to the spiritual side of things, the testimony meeting this Sunday was so great. I have loved seeing the growth here in San Vicente. All the members wanted to share their testimonies and there wasn’t even time for everyone! I couldn’t stop crying the entire sacrament meeting. It was extra special because I’ve never known every member of my ward so intimately as I have in the mission. We visit everyone and they tell us EVERYTHING that’s going on in their lives, so we get to know them all really well. It was really special.

Love you all and hope you are sharing the Gospel with those you love!
Hermana Berbert


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