Chile, Week 42 – Weddings and temples and beautiful families…

(San Fernando District, San Vicente branch with Sister Pérez)

This week was really beautiful. Mostly because on Saturday there was a branch temple trip. The chance to go to the temple only comes around every year or so here so it’s always really exciting when the members can go. We are a branch with only about 90 people who attend regularly and 48 people went on the temple trip, which is really awesome for a ward or branch in Chile. Two families were sealed (-: (-: (-: and Nicolas got to do baptisms for the first time. His family went to the temple too, even though they couldn’t go inside. They had fun buying scriptures and materials from the temple store and taking pictures.

We couldn’t go with them because they only let us go to the temple one time at the end of the mission, but Hermana Pérez and I helped out the families of the brides in decorating the chapel and cooking food and all the usual preparations for a wedding. That was good too because their families aren’t members and we’re gonna try to teach them this week. In the night, everybody arrived from the temple super tired but happy. The wedding was really beautiful and they gave us a bunch of left over cake for helping out. Tons of people came and it was like an extra intimate branch activity. I told Hermana Pérez that I caught the bouquet in the last wedding in Talca and that it was her turn. She kind of reluctantly stood at the back of the crowd of girls wanting to catch the bouquet and sure enough…. the bouquet went straight to her, sailing over everyone else. It was super funny cause everyone freaked out and told her to focus on the mission, haha.

Wedding reception and dance

Wedding reception and dance

Can I just tell you that I LOVE weddings. This is probably wedding number 1,435,345 that I’ve attended. Seriously. I have a big family and lots of them have gotten married, plus I filmed weddings before the mission, plus my friends who have gotten married, plus converts in the mission. But I never get tired of them, especially LDS weddings. When will it be my turn?! Haha

Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes

But anyway, I love weddings because I love families and the family I am most excited about right now is the family of Nicolas. We had a family home evening with them yesterday and it was so great. We all sat at the table and read the scriptures together and everyone shared their thoughts and we learned and laughed and had fun. They are looking more and more like a Mormon family every time we go there and I KNOW they are gonna make it. Franco is next in line to get baptized and then his mom will come around soon enough. She loves everything about the church. The dad, Armando, came to church again this Sunday and we think he might quit his job so he can return to the church again. He’s reading the Book of Mormon and knows the church is true and had a really cool experience to gain the testimony he has. Sofi is really excited to get baptized when she turns 8 and Nicolas is going to be able to do the baptism. She calls us the “prisioneras” instead of “misioneras” which means prisoners and makes us all laugh. She wants to be a “prisionera” too. She loves to wear a skirt everywhere she goes and a little paper name tag that we made for her and carry her Book of Mormon. So cute!!!

Sister Berbert and Sister Pérez with their young friend Sofi

Sister Berbert and Sister Pérez with their young friend Sofi

Every member a missionary

Every member a missionary

Also, Sis. Juarez wrote me this week and said that Alejandro (remember him from my sector before? I had the dream that his wife and him would get baptized and we found them because I felt prompted to knock at their door. They are super special for me. Paz wanted to get baptized and their twin kids as well, but her husband had a rougher time accepting.) Anyway, Alejandro told her this week, “I finished investigating everything that I want to. I want to get baptized.” WHOA!! So they are waiting on their divorce papers still and then they’ll get married and the entire family is gonna get baptized together. I knew it!!! Maybe President will let me go to the wedding and baptism. I HOPE SO!!!!

Such a happy week. Hope you are all doing well. LOVE YOU!
Hermana Berbert


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