Chile, Week 39 (San Fernando District, San Vicente branch with Sister Pérez)

Happy New Years!!!!

This week was great. Hermana Pérez and I almost met all the standards of excellence this past week. It was great and we feel really happy with the work we were able to do. We had a few of our baptismal dates fall but we are going to do everything we can to take care of them and if they don’t get baptized this month, in February for sure. Nicolas gets baptized this week and we are all really excited! 

This new years we had to enter the house at 7:00 cause it could be kind of dangerous to be outside much later. We organized the area book and enjoyed talking for a while. Then we went to bed. Just like a normal day. At midnight my companion said, “Happy new year!” and I realized that I had fallen asleep kneeling. I mumbled back, “Happy new year” and crawled into my sleeping bag. haha

Today was fun. We had a BBQ with the zone and played soccer!!! It was awesome. We don’t play soccer very much cause the other sister missionaries don’t like to play and just sit and watch. But I love it and was really grateful to run around for a while and burn some energy. IT¨S SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, one of my goals for the new year was to not complain about anything ever. It just doesn’t help anything haha. So this week when it was super hot or I was hungry or my stomach hurt, or I felt tired, etc., I didn’t say anything. And actually, I felt a lot better. Those little things didn’t bug me much when I didn’t express them. I think it’s cause Satan can’t read thoughts so when we don’t say anything when he’s bugging us, he just sees that it’s not working and gives up. But when he sees that something is bugging me cause I said something to my companion or I wrote it in my journal, he’ll attack me with whatever small thing could get me down cause he knows it’s affecting me. Also, when we express things it helps us feel them more strongly, like our love for someone or our testimony of the gospel. So express the good things that you feel and don’t mention the bad things and they won’t bug you as much. Christ suffered a ton but He never said a thing. I think that must have been frustrating for Satan. I like frustrating Satan. I feel good inside. 

I love the mission and I love improving a little bit every day. It’s fun to have more time in the mission cause I’m finally starting to meet the goals I’ve been working on all this time. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted to meet them but everything happens in its time and season and I’m grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Love you all!

Hermana Berbert


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