Christmas Concert in Santiago

[This post is not part of Hermana Berbert’s weekly blog, but you might enjoy watching this Spanish Christmas concert featuring David Archuleta and others].

Link to full concert and devotional, 1 hour 33 minutes (LDS Church site):

Links to a few of the individual performances that are available on YouTube (in order of appearance):

President Warne of the Chile Rancagua mission wrote a short blog about the Christmas concerts, and some of his comments are shown below. His full blog posting is available at

The church has a Christmas concert on the Temple Square in Santiago each year. This year they decided to have three nights instead of one plus an additional performance with an evangelical choir on the plaza in front of the presidential palace.

Those who performed included a youth choir, a small orchestra, dancers and soloists. What a great missionary opportunity for the church. The seats were filled to capacity and people were standing each of the three nights.

We were fortunate to be able to attend all three performances and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Also we enjoyed looking at the nativity display some of which were very unusual although of course all were beautiful.

It was a great chance to be behind the scenes a little bit and meet some of the performers. One of the soloists actually lives in Provo and came down to sing. Another is only thirteen but gave a wonderfully polished performance.


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