Chile, Week 36 (San Vicente branch with Sister Pérez)

This week was fun because we had the Christmas activity which was quite enjoyable. We enjoyed listening to a few spiritual thoughts, played soccer, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and water balloons in the blazing sun for a few hours, and then we ate a yummy lunch. We even sang Rudolf the Reindeer and White Christmas in Spanish. It felt really weird cause I didn’t feel like a missionary playing sports all day and stuff but I also don’t feel like it’s Christmas cause it’s HOT. We all finished tired because we had to wake up early to travel and played hard in the sun. I’ve never fallen asleep in a lesson before but this week I really almost did. The heat is really heavy on my eyelids and sometimes they just don’t want to stay open. If I wasn’t a missionary I would just collapse on the grass. We’re gonna do something a bit more relaxed today to get our strength back. It also didn’t help that my family sent an AWESOME package full of super-delicious treats from the United States and we ate purely chocolate and candies in the morning and night. haha. My family’s not gonna believe me but, we already ate it ALL.

The sector is going well although we still don’t have anybody with a baptismal date. Everyone that is progressing isn’t married. Nicole really wants to get married and baptized too. Her husband doesn’t love the idea of getting married and ever since we mentioned it he hides when we come to teach. I seem to always find people like Nicole. For their husbands they can’t get baptized… yet.

We also have Carolina, a former Jehovah’s Witness. She’s really great and knows the church is true. She’s going to get baptized some day but I probably won’t see it either because she has to wait on her divorce papers and it takes forever here, especially for the women.

The other good news is that we found a really beautiful family. The father is less active and his wife and kids aren’t members but they are really great and like to listen. Fabiola says she’s always been Catholic and doesn’t plan on changing, but everyone says that at first. She’ll come around soon enough. They have 3 kids, Nicolas (13), Franco (10) and Sofi (3). They are really excited about the church and Nicolas started playing soccer with all the members this week and loved it. Franco doesn’t really like sports but he’s really smart and remembers EVERYTHING we teach super clearly. They are all coming to a ward Christmas activity tonight so hopefully it goes well and they feel comfortable. Then we can baptize them all. I love completing families. That seems to be my specialty haha.

It was election week here in Chile and the new president is going to authorize marijuana and homosexual marriages. Nooooooo….

This week Hermana Silva, who lives with us, is going home. We are going to finish this transfer with her companion, Hermana Cuevas, in a trio so I’ll have two companions for at least a few weeks. Hermana Cuevas is from Argentina and is really sweet. We’ll be working in both sectors so that’ll be crazy.

This week I did the attributes of Christ activity in Preach my Gospel and it was super great. I found the average of what I scored on each attribute and I could see what I need to improve most and some of my strengths and weaknesses. I’m focusing on improving in my lowest scores, patience and hope. I think they go well together. Patience is “suffering with calmness” in the bible dictionary and hope is what helps us to be calm while we suffer. I definitely don’t have much patience with myself and my own efforts. I want to do everything right and I’m used to being able to learn things fast. Usually if we don’t have good numbers or much success I feel like that’s a result of my own disobedience or because I have to be better at planning the lessons or talking to everyone we pass in the street (something that still scares me).

I’m glad we are focusing on the attributes of Christ as a mission and that I could learn this about myself. I think if I had more patience and hope I could enjoy the mission more. I still don’t feel like I can say that I love the mission and I’m more than halfway through. Do people only love the mission in retrospect? I love God and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I love the Gospel and the way it changes the lives of families. The mission is definitely worth every second if it means we can save even a few people, but it’s not exactly an enjoyable experience… it’s missionary work because it’s hard hard work. Anyway, another good week has gone by and time continues to fly by super fast. 

Hermana Berbert


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