Chile, Week 33 (San Vicente branch with Sister Pérez)

Sister Juárez, Sister Berbert, and the Ramírez family (Jardín del Valle ward)

Sister Juárez, Sister Berbert, and the Ramírez family (Jardín del Valle ward)

I’m. so. dead. tired. New sector, new companion, new house, new people, new calling, new meetings. The new sector is beautiful. I’m in San Vicente, which is a tiny little branch in the middle of nowhere. It’s beautiful cause everything is green and everybody works farming fruits and vegetables. I feel really far away cause I’m pretty sure besides the people who live here, nobody knows that this little town exists. My companion is Hermana Pérez. She’s Chilean and already the accent is starting to stick on me. She’s a newbie, just finished her training (same as Hermana Juárez). Her calling is actually to Venezuela, but until her visa arrives, is serving here.

The house is ok… the good news is that I took a hot shower this morning! It was so nice. The bad news is that I’m hardly sleeping. We slept with the window open cause it was so hot and I woke up sick. I don’t even use the pillow cause it looks like someone pulled it out of an old couch; it’s huge, square, and hard. One of the great things about the mission is that I’m learning to just laugh when things don’t work out. We’re laughing a lot this week. I’m also learning to be really humble this week. I don’t really know how to be a coordinating sister yet and I tried to play the piano for the zone when I haven’t practiced forever – embarrassing. haha. Then today we played volleyball and that was also pretty funny. It didn’t help that I’m really tired and played like a zombie. Oh well.

Even though it was our first week, we found a lot of new people and brought a lot of people to church. It’s a tiny little building but we’re 8 missionaries in this ward (2 companionships of sisters and 2 of elders). When my companion got here a few months ago, there were only 40 people attending each week. Obviously everybody worked hard cause 3 months later, this Sunday, 120 people came! This week was also the primary program so that helped too.

Many of my dreams are coming true here, haha. I’ve always wanted a Chilean companion. I’ve always wanted to teach Jehovah’s witnesses too and we brought one to church this week. More than anything, I want to help this ward build itself and do its own missionary work. We made a million little calendars this week to give to all the members and invited them to give a gift to God this Christmas by fasting with us this Sunday and praying every day this month. They’re excited.

Out of time. Sorry I didn’t write something more spiritual. Love you all!

Hermana Berbert


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