Chile, Week 30 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

This week has been a bit hard. Iris told us she was about to ask us to not come anymore but then magically we brought a member to the lesson who she loves a lot and she changed her mind. She came to church again but only for the sacrament meeting. She’s felt really overwhelmed these days with all the changes and things we’ve been teaching her. She said in her prayer last night, “Thank you for these lovely missionaries that I wait for every day. Thank you for the brief moments of happiness we have together even though they really shake the floor sometimes.” She says she feels like an earthquake inside and she wants to run and hide. We’re trying to calm her down but it’s been hard. I think I love her more than anybody else I have taught my entire mission and seeing what she’s suffering really tears me up inside too. We are praying and fasting for her very intensely.

Paz cries a lot in the lessons because she really wants to get baptized and is doing everything right that she can. Sometimes I don’t know how to help her because until her husband decides to get married, she can’t do anything. They have lived together for years and have two kids and I’m sure that God doesn’t want her to separate from her family to get baptized. That would be completely terrible. She just has to wait it out. Alejandro actually does more than she does. He reads everything and even burned copies of our videos to watch them over and over again. But then he acts like he doesn’t believe anything at all and starts saying a bunch of garbage. Every once in a while he tells us he’s really changing or something that gives us hope.  I think he’s really confused. Like Iris, he’s converting but it’s kind of against his will. haha

I’m getting kind of nervous because we have transfers again in 2 weeks. I have been in this sector longer than anyone and I’ve been in the same zone my whole mission. If anyone is gonna change it will probably be me. I really hope I have trained my companion well enough to leave the sector completely in her hands. I’m happy with the progress I’ve seen here. In only 4 months since I got here and we opened the sector, we’ve seen more baptisms and marriages than the ward has had for years, the church attendance has increased by about 30 or 40 people with all the less actives and investigators that are now attending and there are now 3 companionships of missionaries in the ward. We have ward member missionaries that we didn’t have when I got here and the members are more excited about doing their own missionary work. I feel blessed to be able to witness the changes happening here and God’s hand helping us out in so many ways.

I’m still studying the old testament a lot these days and learning tons of new things. The time just flies by. I love training. I love working. I love when people decide to leave their sins behind and follow Christ. I love Chile. I love the culture, the funny things that people do and how they talk. I love wearing the name tag. I love not having time to think about my own problems. I love serving. I love this Gospel and I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know they live and love us and that Christ will come again soon. I invite all of you to leave your sins and weaknesses and problems at Jesus’s feet and join us in this grand work. I love you all!

Hermana Berbert


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