Chile, Week 27 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

Sorry, this week’s gonna be a short letter. We’re in Santiago right now to have the PPD test  Hopefully I don’t have tuberculosis! Haha, but I’m not worried. Christ has already healed me in other ways and I have no doubt He can heal me again if it’s necessary. I have a testimony that Christ really heals all who come to him and need healing spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc.

[Editor’s note: One of the sister missionaries was found to have tuberculosis, and as a safety precaution all missionaries who may have been exposed are being tested for TB.]

This week was really great. Paz accepted baptism and Alejandro said he was going to think about it…. which is a big step for him. Iris is reading the Book of Mormon and really starting to make changes in her life. Carolina bore her testimony for the first time ever in church and I was so grateful that two months later she is still progressing so strong. This week a TON of less active members came to the sacrament meeting and I was so happy. Hermana Marta, one of the ward missionaries and my celestial friend forever, taught the class in Relief Society about missionary work. It’s been really hard for us to get support from the ward to help us have lessons with members, references, and all that. She straight-out told them that we need their help, that they aren’t doing enough, and bore powerful testimony of all the ways her life has been blessed by helping out with the missionaries. She mentioned experiences we’ve had and her two sisters who were less active but both went to church with her that week. I think she had everyone in tears (or at least all of us sister missionaries). It was a lesson I’ll never forget and I love seeing the ward really start to wake up and realize they are part of the great ushering of the last days that’s happening right now.
I love being a missionary! 
Hermana Berbert


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