Chile, Week 26 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

WOW! Thank you for the ALL THE LETTERS! I have never received so many emails in my life. Haha. It might take me a couple weeks just to read them all. I really appreciate all the support from everyone and all your love. By the way…. for my birthday I have a special request for everyone.

1. Write out a list of everybody you know who isn’t a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
2. Pray for them by name and ask God for opportunities to serve and share what you believe.
3. ACT on the promptings that come and let me know how it goes!!!
4. Repeat daily =)

Sharing the Gospel is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you could possibly do with your life. It shouldn’t only be on special occasions that we share, but a way of life and something that we are continually seeking. I know that the Lord needs every one of you right now and trust me, it’s more exciting to participate in all the changes that are happening than sit by and watch or read about it in my blog. Hehe.

This week was really powerful. We learned a lot and worked a lot, even though there wasn’t much time. We had the conference for new missionaries and the general conference this weekend! I loved it! Iris is one of our newer investigators and she went to the general conference and felt a lot of peace. It’s really kind of a miracle that she went because she told us she wasn’t interested in going to our church… But she went to the conference and now she told us that she would like to go to church at least once to see how it is. But she also said that if she didn’t like it she would never go again. Haha. We are gonna make sure she has a stellar experience. Paz also listened to the conference and liked it a lot. She’s so great. She would be baptized already if it weren’t for Alejandro, who is still married to someone else and progressing sloooooowly. Although, I know they’ll make it to the waters of baptism soon enough.

Hermana Berbert, Hermana Juárez, and Hermana Bravo

Hermana Berbert, Hermana Juárez, and Hermana Bravo

I actually had a special dream about that. It’s cool because before the mission I never had dreams that meant anything. I prayed that I could have more experiences with dreams cause it sounded cool and he has blessed me with some really special experiences! The other night I had a dream that we were in the house of Paz and she was really happy. She had a gift bag and I asked her what was inside and why she was so happy. She showed me inside and it had white baptism clothes. She told me, ¨I would really love to be baptized.¨ This made me super happy too and then I looked over at Alejandro who was standing back a ways away. I asked him, “And you Alejandro?” He didn’t say anything but then I noticed that he also had a bag that was exactly the same as Paz’s and I knew that it also had white baptism clothes. It was a really happy dream and it gives me motivation to keep working with them because I know they are going to get baptized one day and their twin kids too and they will be a really powerful family in the gospel.

It was really special to listen to conference this weekend and hear a lot of talks about missionary work. The Lord is really hastening His work and needs every single person to help Him out. It’s way exciting to be part of the ushering of the last days. I was thinking about the last time that I listened to the conference when I was in the MTC right before I left. A lot has changed since I arrived here in Chile. I was thinking about WHY I decided to serve a mission. Obviously a big motivator was my love for God and desire to share the beautiful knowledge of the gospel that He gave me with everyone. But I realized that I also came for other reasons. I also wanted to learn a new language, experience living in another part of the world, and part of me wanted that sacred title of being a return missionary. God has blessed me with all of the things I hoped to find in the mission. But it’s a good thing that I also had the desire to serve God because all of the other reasons have faded away in the last 6 months. I learned Spanish and now it’s something normal. The culture is normal to me now and no longer new and exciting. I don’t really care if other people think it’s cool that I served a mission or not. The mission kind of makes you not care what other people think of you. The only reason that I’m still here is purely my desire to serve God. All the other reasons have faded away and no longer matter at all. Sometimes my desire to serve God is weak and I have no other reason to be here so that is harder, but my desire to serve God and my love for Him continues growing to fill all of my heart and push me forward when things are tough. I’m not the same person that left on the mission. I have never loved or hurt so much as I have on the mission. I’ve also never grown so much so fast. The refiner’s fire hurts but it’s worth it. I love being a missionary! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Berbert


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