Chile, Week 25 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

This week was fun because I had 2 companions. Hermana Bravo is also from Mexico and I still haven’t broken my streak of Mexican companions. So if every daughter in the mission is 2 in real life… I think I’m going to have quadruplets! I think that would be fun and more time efficient to get 4 out at once cause I want a BIG family. Anyway, Hermana Juárez and Hermana Bravo both are still finishing their training and I had a lot of fun training them both. I switched between giving each of them something to do, to read, or a video to watch and then with the other we talked about what they learned or did practices. I couldn’t be there to explain every little part, but I think it’s better that way. One of the most important things we can learn in this life is HOW to learn on our own!

A little miracle moment this week was with Alejandro and Paz. Alejandro hadn’t gotten home from work yet so we were talking with Paz and she starts saying how she is noticing a bunch of changes in her life. She said that her kids are more respectful (and that really is a miracle; they have twins that are completely out of control). She hasn’t smoked for a week and also stopped drinking tea and coffee and says that she sleeps better in the night and really feels better too. Wow, and she just kind of mentioned that she quit drinking tea, coffee, and smoking, like it wasn’t a big deal. We haven’t even taught her the Word of Wisdom, just explained it a little bit one time because she wanted to know why she couldn’t serve us tea. We didn’t even invite her and she’s doing everything all on her own. She’s so great. Their family is starting to look like members. Alejandro is so funny, because he never wants to admit that he is interested but he totally is. He always listens and asks super profound questions. He acts like he wants nothing to do with the church, but then tells us that he read the Book of Mormon, randomly came to church one time to see what it was like, he’s been doing a lot of research online, and he even is reading “Daughters in my Kingdom” because Paz brought it home from Relief Society one day. Paz told us that he is also smoking less.

Kind of a funny experience this week was when we went to teach Trini. She always sells us completos on P-Day and one time we were talking with her and she mentioned that she lives alone and that her husband passed away three years ago. So we gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and planned a time to come by and explain more. Well, we were all ready to explain that she could be with her husband again and that her family could be together forever, right? But we decided to start the lesson with a few questions first to get to know her better. Then she tells us that her husband abused her for years and she only stayed with him for the kids’ sake. One of her most spiritual experiences was one day when she was really depressed and she prayed and said, “Please, take my life or take his, because I can’t take this anymore.” 15 days later, her husband had a heart attack and died. Whoa. Kinda scary. Obviously we changed our lesson plans a little bit. That’s the reason it’s really good to get to know the investigator and what they need before you start trying to teach them.

This week I was pondering a lot the scripture that says “If we can’t learn to obey temporal laws, how will we ever learn to obey heavenly laws” or something along those lines… It made me think about how unique the experience of earth life is. It’s unique because everything that we suffer is only temporal. Everything that could possibly happen can all be fixed. It makes me think that everything in this life isn’t real. If I lose a loved one, for example, I didn’t really lose them. Not forever, just for a little bit. Or if I get in an accident and have some kind of physical handicap, I’m not really handicapped, just for this life. It’s just a test and a practice so we can learn. It feels real and we often forget the big perspective but that’s the reason that it works. If we always remembered our life before and that all of our trials here are only temporary, the test wouldn’t be as hard. The Gospel helps us remember and have that perspective so that this life isn’t as hard as it could be with a limited perspective. It’s a way to learn by experience without having permanent consequences, because we can repent if we mess up and learn from our mistakes. Of course, if we don’t use this earth life like we should- if we aren’t trying to learn and improve always, we will suffer eternal consequences. We shouldn’t try to cheat or take advantage of the Atonement. But God knows if we are truly trying our very best with what we have and that’s all that really matters. The plan of God is so perfect and beautiful, it really just blows me away.

Anyway, thanks everybody who is reading my blog! Sometimes I think all my thoughts are probably in some lonely corner of the web that only my family reads haha but then people write me and I realize that I’m not just thinking out loud. Even a few people who I don’t know which is really fun. Thanks and I love you all!!! The mission is the BEST!

Hermana Berbert

Oh! And it’s been awhile since I put up a photo. Here we are! Of course they are both taller than me! Even in South America I’m short. Hermana Bravo said today, “Hermana Berbert is the littlest gringa I’ve ever seen!” haha

Hermana Juárez, Hermana Berbert, and Hermana Bravo

Hermana Juárez, Hermana Berbert, and Hermana Bravo


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