Chile, Week 24 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

Well, it was Independence week in Chile! Whoohoo! It must be a really fun week for those who aren’t missionaries…. There were tons of BBQs and games and people dancing (Cueca) and wearing traditional Chilean clothes and flags on every corner and games. There was a ward activity and Alejandro came and played his guitar. He’s really good! Everyone immediately loved him. Anyway, it was a crazy week and we taught a few drunk people and nobody was in church. We had 10 people who said they were going to go and more that said, maybe…. But in the end, only one person came and it was really sad.

Finally Spring is starting and it’s HOT!!!!! I don’t know which is worse… freezing or frying to death. In the morning shower, definitely frying would be better. Our water heater finally died this week. It’s been in the process for months… We had to heat up water on the stove to try to wash ourselves. It actually wasn’t bad… just took forever for 4 sisters.

So….. Sis. Adorno, who lives with us, has been really sick lately. She faints suddenly and then starts trembling really bad. It’s kinda scary and we’ve had to have elders run to our house and give her a blessing in the middle of the night. I’ve been living off very little sleep to check on her every couple of hours in the night. She’s really a great missionary and gives everything she has to the mission. She was scheduled to go home this December, but Satan’s been attacking her really hard. The other day, President Warne and his wife came to our house. They had a talk with her and told her she has to go home early. Wednesday.

Wow. I felt my heart just stop and break for her. It was really sudden. They told us yesterday and we were crying most of the night last night. Once again I haven’t slept much. It makes me think how I would feel if I had to go home suddenly. I can’t even imagine it. It doesn’t even feel real with Hermana Adorno. I’m sure it will hit me when she leaves. She was training and her companion still hasn’t finished her training yet. The president pulled me aside and told me I will probably be in a trio for a bit and train them both and work in both sectors. There are always adventures in the mission!

Anyway, I plan on enjoying every second of the mission and moments like this just help me live like I was dying every day more. I can’t believe I’m going home in less than a year. I refuse to think about it. Enjoy every moment of your lives, and be on the lookout for a video of Elder Archuleta and maybe some other missionaries in my mission between conference sessions in another weekend (-; No, I’m not in the video, unless they filmed me secretly and I didn’t know. haha JK, but it should be good so check it out anyway. [Editor’s Note: We aren’t sure, but we are guessing that the featured video will be a short segment, maybe 5 minutes or so, included as part of the Church World Report, which will be shown on KSL TV on Saturday immediately following the morning session of conference.]

Shout out to my best friend Kent!!! He’s in the mission in Honduras and it’s his birthday this week! Whoo! 21! (-=

Love you all,
Hermana Berbert


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