Chile, Week 20 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

Don’t have much time today, it’s transfer day again! Guess what!!?? I’m gonna be a mom!! Haha, not literally of course, but that’s what we call it in the mission when we get to train a newbie. I get to go to Rancagua tomorrow to pick up my new companion so I still don’t who it will be. 😉 Also, today is my 6 month mark! Exactly a year from today I’m scheduled to go home. Can that really be true!??

Anyway, I’ll be staying here in Jardín Del Valle. I’m gonna miss my companion, Hermana Mendoza. We’ve had so many adventures together and I really love her so much. She has really taught me that the most important thing is just to love people. She doesn’t really worry about numbers or goals or any of that very much. All she does is love the people we are with, all the time. We’ve seen a lot of miracles and hearts changing with the power of love. There is a balance. It’s good to think about the goals and techniques too, but more than anything we are here to love people. 

I also feel like the focus of the mission Rancagua is more about love. We are really working on helping EVERYBODY and not just people who we can baptize. It’s so much more effective to help the members and the leaders and the less actives too. If we only focus on baptizing (at least with the way things are in Chile) it’s like filling a bucket with a hole in the bottom. It’s not real growth because so many people fall away so quickly. We are working a ton with less active members and helping everyone in the ward be strong and stay strong. I might have less baptisms, but I’m helping more people and their families will stay strong and their kids will also stay strong and serve missions and start their own families. The soul of a less active member is worth just as much to God as the soul of someone who isn’t a member. In fact, it’s even more important to help them because they are members; they’ve made sacred covenants with God and will be held responsible for those. 

Gotta go! Love you all!!!!! Shout out to my cousin Patrick who is engaged! Congrats and I want to get pictures of the wedding. =)

Hermana Berbert


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