Chile, Week 16, (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

Baptisms during my mini-transfer

Baptisms during my mini-transfer

What a great week. I got to have a mini transfer in La Florida with Hermana Contreras (from Argentina) and Hermana Pineda (from Guatemala). Hermana Contreras was having some health problems and had to do therapy this week. Hermana Pineda is a newbie and super awesome. I got to do her training and I enjoyed it a lot. She’s got a super cool relaxed personality. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it was fun.

I learned something magical this week, “Smiles open doors.” It was something the assistants told us and we decided to try it. It’s not that we walk around looking grumpy or anything, but sometimes we forget, as simple as it is, to smile! So many times we’ve knocked doors (actually we usually don’t knock we stand outside and shout “halo”) and assumed nobody was home because nobody answered. I think they just saw us and didn’t want to talk to missionaries. Smiles are super powerful and we got to talk to a lot more people when we made sure we both had big huge grins every time we contacted.

We worked a lot with an investigator named Telma who is trying to quit smoking so she and her son can be baptized. She has also been battling with a lot of other things like depression and poverty. She had to break up with her boyfriend so that she could live the law of chastity and he was trying to call and get back together. She is super strong though and it was a miracle to see the change in her in only a week with the help of the gospel. We started to realize that every time we went over her son was complaining that he was hungry and hadn’t eaten anything all day. Then we realized he wasn’t just being grouchy; they really didn’t have any food! She’s been searching for work and this week was a tough one for them. We called the bishop and he immediately got people together in the ward and they all brought her a bunch of food. It was a miracle and she was crying because of the kindness of the members. She is doing a lot better, a lot more positive and has a light in her eyes. It was beautiful to witness a small part of her conversion this week. People’s conversions are so sacred. I feel so blessed to be able to participate in this work and see miracles everyday.

I also made empanadas this week. I’d only seen it done a couple times by Chileans but it’s not too hard. One morning (when I probably should have been showering and getting ready) I made empanadas! It was super fun to do something a little bit different and filled me with enthusiasm for the day. We can’t cook much in Jardín del Valle because our kitchen just has a little camping stove and a fridge, but on my mini transfer I was staying in a house that actually had a kitchen! Whoohoo!

Super awesome taco lunch

Super awesome taco lunch

Anyway love you all! Remember to smile and love people! Oh! And if you have a chance, read D&C 138!! It’s so awesome! I don’t know how I didn’t know about this chapter before! Also Carolina is getting married this Saturday and her baptism is next Saturday!! AHH I’m so excited. We are helping her finish sewing her wedding dress this week.

Hermana Berbert


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