Chile, Week 15 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

This week I have a mini transfer with another sister. A sister missionary is sick in the hospital so I’m going to be with her companion for the week while she recovers. I’ll miss my investigators and companion but I also love changes because I learn a lot seeing how other people work. It sounds like right now there are some hard feelings between some of the missionaries from Concepción and Rancagua. They had a meeting this week to try to take the best of both missions and join them together. I never realized how different every mission is. I always thought they were the same but there are some major differences. I’m not worried. I fully trust in our new mission President and the revelation he receives to know how to direct the work and what the people need here.

I want to share something my Dad told me because I like it a lot. He was saying [quoting from a high councilor who spoke recently in his ward] that Satan tries to imitate a lot of things that God does but change them just a little bit. He can try to imitate miracles because he has power to. He can try to imitate prophecies and even a feeling of burning in the bosom. It’s kinda scary and confusing to think about BUT there are certain feelings Satan can never imitate. He can’t imitate feelings of love, peace, and true joy. These are feelings that the Gospel brings and can help us to discern between what’s true and what isn’t. I’ve never realized how powerful the devil is before the mission. He really attacks people with everything and for some reason it’s so obvious in the mission. He attacks us too as missionaries and I’m sure it’s the same with prophets and leaders of the church because they are so essential for moving the work forward. Thank you for all your prayers and please pray for the leaders too because we all need it. I never thought the mission would be hard, but that’s because I only saw the physical side of it. The physical side isn’t hard, but the spiritual battle is. Sometimes I feel like Satan is attacking not only my weaknesses but my strengths, and any little thing that could possibly work he will try.

Another thought from my super profound papá. He sent this in his email and I wanted to share it with y’all:
The speaker [a high councilor who spoke yesterday in a ward near Lake Tahoe] has a 12-year-old daughter who plays the piano, and he asked her if she thought he could learn to play as well as her if he practiced for 12 hours every day for a month. She said “No,” so then he asked her if she thought he could learn to play as well as her if he practiced 16 hours every day for two months, and she still said “No.” That didn’t make sense to him, because she only practices for 15 minutes per day, so if you add up all the time that she has spent practicing over the past few years it would add up to less than 2 months of 16-hour days. The father considered himself intelligent enough to be able to learn new things and catch on quickly, so he asked his daughter to explain how only 15 minutes per day was better than two months of 16-hour days. She replied, “I only practice the piano for 15 minutes, but I think about it the rest of the day.” The speaker went on to compare his daughter’s 15 minutes of piano practice to reading the scriptures, and he emphasized the importance of reading each day, even if only for a few minutes, because we can think about what we read during the rest of the day and it has a chance to sink in and make a big difference.

Isn’t that great!? So true. I LOVE studying the scriptures. One of my favorite parts of every day. I also LOVE the people here. I’ve only known them a month but I’m pretty sure we were friends before this life or I could never feel such deep love for them in such little time. More than anything, I LOVE my Heavenly Father. He’s the reason I’m here more than anything.

Hermana Berbert


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