Chile, Week 13 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

We are serving in a mostly-rural area where we walk a LOT

We are serving in a mostly-rural area where we walk a LOT

What a great week! Felipe got baptized on Saturday and it was really beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the Spirit so strong in a baptism and it’s because I’m really learning how important the baptismal covenant is and what it means, and that makes it so special. The members in this ward are so great, and tons of them came to the baptism too.

Is that dinner over there?

Is that dinner over there?

So, funny story with the mom of Felipe. I was talking with their family and told them that I like to make movies, so later they were looking up some of my videos on Vimeo. I have a Coca-Cola commercial that I helped make for a competition once. [Note from Dad: Click here to view the video]  It was mostly just for fun. Anyway, when they saw the commercial and that I was in a small part of it, Felipe’s mom says, “That’s how I recognize you! I always thought your face looked familiar!! I saw this commercial in Chile!” I just laughed and told her I was pretty sure she was thinking of somebody else. But she was pretty convinced that she saw it in Chile one day. Then this last Sunday in church one of the members comes up and says, “Which one of you is famous? In a commercial?” We start laughing but then she wanted to take a picture with me. Then we go to a zone activity and one of the elders in another sector says, “One of the members in my ward said you’re famous and that you were in a commercial!” I have no idea how a member of his ward heard that but more and more people think I’m famous or something now. What?? People here are so funny.

Celebrating with a great family

Celebrating with a great family

Anyway, we found some really great people this week. Really, really great. Really prepared. They are the kind of people that make everything worth all the trouble. Kind of like dating haha – one person can really make it worth all the trouble and then you start to realize the worth of a single soul. We watched the Restoration video with one investigator and she just gasped when God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. I think she believed it right away. We taught another woman, a mom named Alejandra  who is also super great. We shared a short message and the Spirit was really strong. Then we invited her to baptism and she said, “I would really love to be baptized in your church. In fact, I would really love for our whole family to join.” So beautiful. Lots of people helped her to be as prepared as she is and they don’t even know. She talked about so many examples of good LDS friends that she’s had and how they really practice what they preach. Their examples inspired her to join too. I think she was only waiting for the invitation!

Yes, we are lost. We found the cows, but where are the people?

Yes, we are lost. Where is everyone?

So remember, you never know who is watching your example and whose life you can change. Sharing the Gospel isn`t hard and it’s been really fun to help the members here share with their friends. We had a family home evening with a member and I think he was kind of nervous to invite his friends to come, but then he did and it was so great. I think they are going get baptized too. He just said, “Hey, we have a tradition in our family where every week we get together and play games and eat food and have a little spiritual thought. Want to come?” Then he invited us to come and give the short spiritual thought and the friends wanted to know more and asked a lot of questions. In the end, they thanked the family sincerely for inviting them and sharing something so special to their heart. They had a lot of questions that we still didn’t get to answer, so we wrote down their address to pass by later. Super simple and super powerful. I invite you all to do it! This next week! Maybe every week!

My companion, Hermana Mendoza

My companion, Hermana Mendoza

Love you all!
Hermana Berbert

Cows crossing

Well, now we know why there is a cattle-crossing sign here


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