Chile, Week 12 (Talca Stake, Jardín del Valle Ward)

Don’t have much time this Monday. Had to go fill out a bunch of paperwork to get my Carnet and live here legally. I didn’t have time to shower or buy food, but we’ll figure something out. This week was crazy. It was pouring rain every single day. My boots had finally had it and they ripped completely open. They are the only ones I have so a member let me borrow a pair of hers. They were a little too big and had huge heels. I felt like a little kid trying to walk in her Mom’s heels except worse because we walk a TON! In the night my feet hurt so bad that I just took the shoes off and walked in the mud in bare feet for a while. My companion was super worried that I was gonna get sick (it’s winter here and really cold). She was pretty sick this week, but I’ve lucked out and still haven’t gotten sick once here. The member that let me borrow her boots also took my old boots and repaired them and totally replaced the bottom. I don’t know how much it cost and she wouldn’t tell me, but I could have cried for her kindness. I feel like I understood how the pioneers felt on a whole new level this week.

So our numbers this week were pretty bad, but we got lost a lot. One time with a bunch of cows (pictures next week). The good thing was that we got a bunch of references from members so we’re going to visit them this week. This sector has only had one baptism this whole year and he was a little kid (both the parents are members). We’re gonna change that! I’m not sure how, but it’ll happen. Hardly anyone lets us into their houses. I feel like it’s a whole new mission here (ok, technically it is cause I’m in Rancagua now haha) but things that worked well in my old sector, don’t work here. The people live different lives.

Oh! So I found someone contacting in the street who is from Oregon! Her Spanish is actually super bad so I was teaching her in English. That was super weird. It was actually really hard to switch back to English and afterwards my Spanish was messed up a bit too. I finally finished reading the Book of Mormon all the way through in Spanish. It felt really good to finish. My companion says that I’m always talking in my sleep and it’s always in Spanish. Usually I’m teaching lessons haha. It’s really a miracle that I’ve learned so fast; people are always super surprised that I only have a few months here.

Anyway, the best news of all is that a couple of our investigators named Carolina and Pablo finally are going to get married! They have been investigating the church forever. Pablo is less active and Carolina isn’t a member. They’ve been through millions of missionaries and we are the lucky ones that get to plan the wedding and baptism right after. Everyone makes jokes about the sisters arriving and everything changing, but really it was nothing we did. Sometimes I wonder if we do anything at all because the investigators that really change have something special between them and God that happens and we have almost nothing to do with it.

The most important thing I’m learning this week is the importance of asking questions to receive revelation. There is a fantastic talk by Clayton Christensen that my Dad sent me about this and other great topics. Everyone should read it, it completely blew my mind. I think my Dad will post it on the blog. It was actually a video and my Dad transcribed the whole thing because he loved it so much and I’m so grateful he did so that I could read it too. There is a bunch of tech talk at the beginning but hang in there and it gets really good.  Anyway, that’s my invitation to you all.

[Editor’s note from Dad: I delayed posting this blog entry for a few days until I could finish editing the transcription that Anna invites you to read. Click here to view the transcription of Clayton Christensen’s talk, or you may also access the same document along with others from this page containing links to some of Anna’s favorite missionary talks.]

Love you and pray for you always and think about you lots!!!

Hermana Berbert


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