Chile, Week 09 (Constitución)

Raincoat? Check. Umbrella? Check. Waterproof boots? Check.

Well, I´m not dead! But my feet kill, and I´m sleep-deprived, out of money, sunburnt, hungry, getting chubby, and out of time to write something really profound.

Fishing on the beach with my companion, Sister Martinez (with a ward member who took the photo and lent us his equipment and showed us what to do)

Last night we traveled for hours in a bus so that this morning we could hike the Andes and play in the snow. A bunch of the Latinos have never seen snow before so I was pretty excited for them. After arriving late in the area, we slept on the floor and woke up at 4am to take a bus to the Andes and hike. We didn’t have time to buy food and we weren’t in our own house so we didn’t eat anything. Bad idea. We hiked all morning while basically fasting. Sad to say, we never made it to the snow. We could see it in the distance but had to turn back. Bummer. It actually was still a really pretty hike and good exercise… but probably not worth all the time and money to travel. Haha.

A cute little frog (being held by a cute little missionary). We don’t think she tried kissing the frog, but we do know that she is a spiritual giant.

Hopefully it doesn’t sound like I´m just complaining. I´m really super happy most of the time. Honestly, missionary work would be the most miserable thing in the world if the Gospel weren’t true. But it is true. I know it is without a doubt. It changes lives. It has changed mine and it continues to change mine. I would never ever serve a mission for any other reason. You couldn’t pay me any amount of money to work this hard this long and feel this much love that my heart hurts. The natural man wants to do the opposite of serve a mission. Luckily the Spirit can change our hearts and our desires and give us strength that we didn’t have before. When I don’t have the Spirit with me the mission is terrible. It’s hard and I’m tired and I can’t speak or understand what people are saying. But when I have the Spirit, this work is sacred. I can understand and speak and work and love like I never could before.  It’s really beautiful. I love you all. Sorry I’m terrible at writing people back. No time.

The little badge that means so much (and which almost got swept away by a big wave that came in)

Just a badge, but it represents so much…

Hermana Berbert

The scenery on the coast is absolutely beautiful

The scenery on the coast is absolutely beautiful

My companion, Sister Martinez

My companion, Sister Martinez

More beautiful scenery along the coast

More beautiful scenery along the coast

Dogs are everywhere, including on the tops of fences

Dogs are everywhere, including on the tops of fences


One thought on “Chile, Week 09 (Constitución)

  1. Glad you’re not dead, that’s great news! BTW, when you start out at a size 2 (or whatever teeny tiny size you are/were) it’s nearly impossible to become “chubby” in a mere few months. You look amazing!

    luvs, aby

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