Chile, Week 08 (Constitución)

This week I’m learning faith in a whole new way. Faith is hope that good things are going to happen before they do. Everything we do in life we do because we have some hope that something good will come out of it. The idea that “success begets success” is the same as “faith begets faith.” The more we hope for good things to happen, the more they will. Then when they do we have more hope for more good things in the future and it just grows and grows.

Study time

Study time

Our goal for June is to have 2 baptisms, and the hardest part is that our investigators either don’t want to marry each other or they won’t attend sacrament meeting! We had about 15 people who were going to come to church with us this Sunday, so Saturday night we started making the calls to remind them. We even had members ready to pick them up and walk together. Well, every single one fell through. Even the people that we were so sure would come didn’t want to anymore. I was a bit frustrated because going to church is something so small and simple but SO IMPORTANT! Our next visit was with one of my favorite investigators, Vanessa. She is always ready to receive us and full of faith. When we showed up at the door, she hastily said, “I cant talk right now. We’re busy.” This wasnt like her and so when she shut the door and we were walking away I started to cry. I love my investigators so much and it’s so hard to see them throw away their entire salvation because they don’t want to live some of the most basic commandments. So it was Saturday night and we had nobody for church the next morning and I just felt terrible. I was ready to head home and call it a night. We only had 20 min left. We had a contact noted down for our backup plan and my companion urged me that we should just see if they were home. They were! It was a family! (Not married, but nobody that we find is married). We taught the first lesson and the Mom and daughter accepted baptism. The next day, they came to church and loved it. Miracles!! They could be our 2 baptisms for June! Faith and patience are very connected.

Love this work and love all of you. Thanks for all the ideas of how to help my investigators! Thanks for the Bridal Guide from my uncle Rob at BYU. hahaha. I opened it at zone conference and everyone freaked out. It was super funny and the comic relief was much appreciated (even though I have no idea what to do with the magazine now).

Hermana Berbert


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