Chile, Week 6 (Constitución)

MY MISSION CHANGED! This post is going be short because my companion got transferred and she still has to pack and say goodbye to everyone before tonight! I’m staying here in Constitución, which means that I’m now in the Rancagua mission! (With Elder Archuletta haha) I’m super sad that my companion has to go, but we knew our companionship was too good to last more than one transfer. Hermana Lovell got called to be the leader of the sisters in her new zone and she is going be so good with them! I honestly believe that the only reason I started out in the Concepción mission was so that we could be companions. She has shaped how the rest of my mission will be and we’ve learned so much together. Luckily she goes to BYU too, so we´ll hang out after the mission and do crazy Chilean things together! She´s so awesome. This week we were walking down the street and we saw a house burning down. We stopped to watch and see if someone had called the firefighters already (it takes a while because firefighters here don´t get paid; they are all volunteers). Anyway, there were a few people watching and we started talking to some of them. Then Hermana Lovell says, “Well, you know, we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We’re like firefighters too, but we help save souls.” She´s so funny. Anyway, I´ll write a super good spiritual blog post next week to make up for the short one today!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Berbert

[May 21st update from Dad: Due to 52 new missions being created throughout the world, many of the existing missions are changing their boundaries. Consequently, some missionaries will officially change missions soon. Yesterday Anna thought that the change was official and that she was for-sure changing missions, but now we have found out that there will be one more transfer in 4 weeks, and that transfer will the one that determines which mission she will be in. If she stays in the northern part of the mission next month then she will join the Chile, Rancagua mission.


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