Chile, Week 3 (Constitución)

Writing emails kind of stresses me out. By the time I read all your beautiful emails I have no time to reply. Thanks to everyone who has written. I love it so much. Just because I don’t write back does not mean I don’t love you. Please know this.

Looking out over Constitución

Looking out over Constitución

Wow, so I’ve already been here almost a month. Mind blown. I have so much to learn. We are always practicing new ways of teaching and finding and speaking Spanish, but the most important thing I’ve learned is just to love people. Christ spent his entire life loving. Heavenly Father’s work is to love. The mission is a labor of love – Labor de Amor. It’s prettier in Spanish. Really we are called to love people, full-time. And of course, when we love people we are going to want them to have lasting peace and joy in their lives. And nothing can bring them that more than the Gospel. There are so many ways to love. Every calling in the church is a calling to love in one way or another.
President Monson said in a talk (actually he was quoting someone else) “One has not loved who has not shown his love.” Something like that. The point is, we should never assume that people know how much we love them if we don’t tell them and show them OFTEN. The worst type of miscommunication in my opinion is the illusion that something has been communicated when it hasn’t. With our investigators, they tell us we shouldn’t explain something only clearly enough that it can be understood, but rather we should explain it so clearly that there is no way it can be misunderstood. It should be the same way with the people we love in our lives. Let them know! Make it so clear that they could never doubt! We never know what moment will be the last we have with each person we love.
I’ve really embraced a “live like it’s the last day of my mission” attitude to help me work harder and love deeper each day. I hope this carries over into my life after the mission, too. It helps me have peace when I go to sleep at night.
Baptism of Flor and Solange - Hermana Lovell, Flor, her daughter Solange, Hermana Berbert, and the branch president (?)

Ready for the baptism of Flor and Solange – Hermana Lovell, Flor, her daughter Solange, Hermana Berbert, and the branch president (?)

Anyway, this week has been so beautiful. Flor and her daughter Solange got baptized! They are the best. So adorable and crazy at the same time. I was a little worried about how they would transition into the ward beause they didn’t really know very many members, but after they received the Holy Ghost in sacrament, tons of people in the ward came up to welcome them. They wrapped their arms around them and received them into the ward family. I’m so grateful that the ward embraced them so quickly. That really can make the world of difference for these new converts!
Baptism of Flor and Solange - Hermana Berbert, Solange, her mother Flor, and Hermana Lovell

Hermana Berbert, Solange, her mother Flor, and Hermana Lovell

It’s so beautiful to watch people’s conversions. It’s also super hard to see people who are struggling through really hard trials. One of our investigators, Paula, is struggling to make some pretty huge changes in her life to be baptized. Her mom and brother are recent converts and they are sooooooo great. Paula could be so good too, but last week she just seemed to shut down. It’s like she is giving up, and it’s so hard to see. We are still working with her like crazy and praying like crazy. The thing is, these investigators become like family. I feel like they are all my kids and it just breaks my heart sometimes. I love them so much.
Anyway, on a non-spiritual note, Chileans love American music and it’s so funny. They just played ¨Gangnam Style” in the little cyber cafe I’m in right now. They also LOVE 80s music. It’s great and a little strange. One time we were walking past a club at night and we could hear them blasting David Archuletta. hahaha
Also, there are dogs EVERYWHERE and sometimes they are kind of scary, but I have this awesome little gadget that my mom gave me to repel them. You press a button and it makes a super high pitched sound that they don’t like and they run away. We use it all the time and it works for most of the big scary dogs. Some dogs just cock their heads a little cause I think they are kind of deaf or something. Oh well, as long as my companion has her boots on I feel pretty safe. She took self-defense classes from Chuck Norris’s body guard!!! No lie. Isn’t that great?
Out of time! Love,
Hermana Berbert

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