Week 5 in the MTC – One Week Until Chile

THIS WAS  MY LAST “NORMAL” WEEK AT THE MTC! This next week I will be preparing to leave and so the schedule changes a bit plus we have conference and stuff. SO CRAZY. Will my entire mission go by this fast? I bet it will. The more I fall in love with it the faster it goes. Teaching the investigators is my absolute favorite part of every day. I’m excited for when I get to do it all the time. But I also love how much time we have to study and learn at the MTC and I LOVE my district. Each person has helped me come closer to Christ and I will remember them forever. I love them so much.

So speaking of teaching investigators… more accidental false doctrine this week. I told an investigator that this life it the time to prepare to re-grease with God! I meant to say return to live with God but I mixed up the verb re-grease (regrasar) with return (regresar). It was great because I even wrote it out on a whiteboard for him. Hahaha.

In all seriousness, my companion and I are learning a lot about how to prepare lessons and follow the Spirit. Sometimes we would prepare a lesson and feel good about it and it was pretty easy. Other times, we would prepare a lesson and one of us wouldn’t be happy with it and we weren’t sure why. We would get frustrated with each other and have to struggle with the lesson more until we both felt happy about it, but it took a while and there were some tense feelings between us. The other day we realized that the lessons we struggled the most to prepare always turned out to be the best! Why?? As we tried to figure out the pattern, I suddenly had a light bulb moment and said, “Maybe it’s the Spirit!” to which my companion replied, “of contention?” Hahaha. But we realized that those feelings of not being satisfied with the lesson were the Spirit telling us that the lesson wasn’t quite right yet, that there was something more or something different the investigator needed. That’s why, once we finally changed the lesson and felt good about it, it would turn out so powerful. Hopefully, now that we recognize this, we won’t get frustrated with each other anymore. We will trust that the Spirit is guiding us to keep trying until we get it just right. It’s funny because I’ve always associated feeling the Spirit with feelings of peace, joy, and love. The uncomfortable feeling is new so it took me a while to figure out what it was, but the Spirit guides us in many different ways.

I’m loving the Easter theme this week at the MTC. Easter has never meant so much to me as it does this year. Of all the holidays, it’s probably the one with the most meaningful message if we can remember it. It’s in remembrance of the greatest event in the history of the world, the atonement and Christ’s trumph over death and sin. We watched “The Testaments” a week ago on Sunday. LOVE that movie so much. I’m going to make my future family watch it every Easter. At the end, the Savior appears to the Nephites after he is resurrected and I just broke down. I couldn’t help thinking of the day when I will meet my Savior again. I know exactly what I’ll do. I will fall to the ground and weep and kiss His feet. I imagine He will probably lift me back onto my feet and wrap His arms around me. He will call me by name, because He knows me personally. I was so overcome with emotion and gratitude. I realized in this moment that I had never truly thanked Heavenly Father specifically for sending His son to atone for my sins and this thought tortured me. As soon as we got back to the room, I had some time alone because my companion went to visit the other sisters. I turned out the light, knelt by my bedside, and poured out my thanks to Heavenly Father for half an hour. I cried the entire time and promised to give everything I had to Him on my mission and for the rest of my life. I’m learning so much about the atonement. I know I’ll never understand everything Christ went through but I’m so much more appreciative of it the more I learn. I can’t even express it; no words do it justice. Only those of you who have come to experience this gratitude and love for the atonement yourself can understand how I feel. If you don’t understand, I would invite you to try. Study a little more this Easter about the Savior and what exactly He has done for you. It’s amazing.

I’ve also learned to be bolder when sharing the Gospel and not be ashamed to share the “politically incorrect” parts that may offend people. When we plan our lessons around people’s needs, that doesn’t mean making the doctrine sound flowery and nice so that the person is more likely to accept it or it seems easier to follow. That’s what Satan does. Strong converts need strong doctrine. God is not ashamed of the truth and He isn’t “politically correct” either. Things that are of more worth cost more. The Gospel is worth everything and thus requires us to give everything and it’s still worth more than all we can give. Sometimes that’s not what people want to hear. They settle for less because the price is more than they want to pay. They don’t understand that it’s worth more than they could ever pay. If a salesman is trying to sell vacuums, he doesn’t waste his time saying, “You should buy my vacuum. It costs more and it’s a lot like the one you have already.” Lot of missionaries make the mistake of saying, “Look how similar our church is to what you already believe.” We need to focus on why the restored church is different and what we can add to what they already have or investigators won’t have a desire to change their beliefs and their lives. Keeping the commandments will bring happiness in this life and the life to come; sin never will. Those who choose to ignore this must suffer the consequences. Every person must be baptized with the correct authority to make it to the celestial kingdom. Families must be sealed in the temple if they want to be together forever. This is the ONLY church on the earth that has the FULLNESS of the Gospel and the PRIESTHOOD power to act in God’s name. People need to know the truth.

Anyway, I’m out of time. I love you all. I love all the support and letters. If I don’t write you back for a while, please know it’s only because I’m so busy focusing on the Lord’s work. I’m sooooo so grateful for your correspondence, and your stories inspire and encourage me every day.

Love, love, love,
Hermana Berbert


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