How Good Will Your Life Be?

Wow. Talk about a crazy last few days.The MTC is soooo sweet. One of the first things I learned was the answer to a question they asked us on the first day. “Want to know how good your mission is going to be?” Of course we did. “As obedient as you are to the mission rules is as good as your mission is going to be.” My mission is going to be amazing! I think this statement applies to life as well: as obedient as we are to “God’s rules” or the commandments is how good our life can be. I know that when I keep the commandments it makes me happier than anything else and it’s one of the reasons I’ve been so blessed all the time.
Also – the gift of tongues is so real! I was blessed with the ability to learn the Spanish language and even now as I type, my brain is automatically translating a lot of this into Spanish. I can already pray and bear my testimony and teach in Spanish as well. There is no way I would have remembered so much without the Lord’s help. In fact, I remember almost everything I’ve ever learned. Yesterday they took me out of my class and moved me into the Intermediate Spanish class! That was actually really sad because I had to get a new companion, move to a new room, and switch to a new district after I totally fell in love with my old one. It’s good though, because everyone in this new class is so smart and we talk in Spanish all the time and I’ll be forced to learn a lot faster here! I’m still leaving for Chile at the same time though,so that didn’t change.

So I’ll tell you a little about my first district. We were actually the first district in the history of that zone EVER to have more sisters than elders!! The mission age makes everything crazy here. There are so many people, so many sisters, and not enough of anything. Haha. A lot of rooms have bunk beds just shoved in the middle of the room and our classroom desks are all smashed together. It’s wonderful. My first companion, Hermana (sister in Spanish) Taylor, was fantastic. I love her so much and we totally got along. Hermana Hilary Harris, who I know from BYU and who got called to my same mission, was in my room and my class so I was with her ALL the time. That was so fun. Also Hermana Christi Frederickson was in my zone and her class was close to mine so we saw each other all the time too. It’s a party. I’ve also run into Hermana Bronte Baird and a bunch of other people I know. It’s so cool. I love my first district, but this one will be good too I’m sure.

Anyway, it was kind of obvious that I was probably in the wrong class. I spent most of the time helping the other students and our teacher talked only in Spanish which was hard for a lot of people in the class, but he spoke slowly and I could easily understand everything he was saying. We would give demonstrations and he had me be the investigator and he pretended to be the missionary. While it was fun to be the person in the class who knew a lot and could help other people, I wasn’t learning as much as I should have been. So it’s good that I’m in this new class now though I’ll miss all the people I’ve grown so close to already.

My new companion in Hermana Myler! She is awesome and so smart. She got moved up a class too. They threw us into the new class yesterday and for the first time yet at the MTC I felt a little overwhelmed by all the sudden changes. That was good though, because that’s how it is supposed to be the first few days and I felt like my first few days were pretty fun and easy. We work and study all day long and it’s a lot of work but not much different than what I usually do either so I feel good. (= My poor companion though was not only tired and overwhelmed yesterday, but she got food poisoning! She threw up right after class and then we were up all night because she kept throwing up more. I took her to the health center after midnight and we got her some medicine and a wheelchair so I could bring her with me places and she wouldn’t have to walk and wear herself out. Also, our new district normally has their P-day on Friday so we missed P-day since they switched us last night! We get a couple hours this morning to do laundry and write emails luckily. I’m pretty tired since I still had to follow the missionary schedule of getting up at 6:30. I’m not sick so I still need to work and exercise while my companion rests, but I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night either. It was a good bonding experience for both of us though and she’s feeling better today! Hermana Myler is very good at Spanish and she wants to talk in Spanish all the time so I’ll get a lot of practice with her!

I’m out of time on the computer, but I love you all and I love being here! Thanks for reading and thanks for the letters I received already! That was so fun to hear from ya’ll!

Hermana Berbert

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